Shave of the day, 5th April 2021, Wet The Face Sakura

Pre-Shave : Shower, PAA Cube Face Wash
Bowl : Stainless Steel $2 Mixing Bowl (micro-textured – sandpapered)
Brush : Oumo 26mm SHD Silvertips
Razor : Frankenstiened Tatara Zero-Zero Masamune w/RR SS UFO Handle (Nodachi Cap + Masamune Base -0.00mm blade exposure) w/Derby USTA Blade
Soap : Wet The Face Sakura
Post Shave : Wet The Face Sakura

It took a while for the package to get here but I got a notification from DHL that my package was ready for collection, so I held off my usual “coming home” shave till I got my package.
And it was well worth the wait!

So lets get down to what I think about the soap and aftershave.
Scentwise, I think for most, they will find the soap’s scent to be apples and peach being the most forward with that slight hint of the Cherry Blossoms and Tamarind being more in the background. The soap scent strength while strong is not as punchy as Don’s other offerings but is still very present and depending on how you lathered up, can still fill your bathroom with its scent.

The Aftershave though, is as always, the follow up right hook that knocks your socks off.
Here, the floral Cherry Blossom note is a little more stronger and more balanced with the apple and peach. The touch of Tamarind lends that slightly sweet and sour note to balance off the sweetness of the florals and fruit to a perfect T.

This is a Floral-Fruity scent, but still slanted towards the masculine (think Dapper Doc, with Cherry Blossoms instead of Lilac), though if you do not think you’d like this kind of scent, I’d suggest getting a sample to try first, you might be surprised to find you do.

Yeah. Definitely a winner here.
Also, I think Don improved a little on his base, as I seem to be getting a firmer, slightly more full bodied lather than compared to my older WTF soaps.
That and the lather not loosing any of its slickness and post shave qualities made for a fantastic shave.

The Tatara Zero Zero Masamune did its magic giving that perfect zero irritation faceturbation shave, and as I am typing this an hour after the shave, I am still cupping my hands to breath in that Sakura goodness.


Stay safe
Stay sane
Stay happy

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