Evening Shave 31st October 2019, Supply Drop! Colonel Conk, Pinnaud Clubman and Rockwell R1

Finally went with a forwarder that I had used a long time ago but back then, they had quite a few restrictions which they seemed to have worked out.

And I have finally have stuff that I can’t normally get where I am, at least not without paying exorbitant prices for and I mean loco crazy prices, eg; someone quoted me US$66 for Col Conk’s Bay rum aftershave, I gave them the 🖕.

You don’t want to know how much they were asking for Pinauds.

And now that I have a direct way to ship any aftershave that has alcohol in it. I’m going to get everything that wanted to get but can’t because of shipping restrictions. Hello Soap Commander Aftershave splashes!

Rockwell’s R1

The Rockwell R1 is a TTO razor, meaning its a Twist To Open, also known as a butterfly or silo razor. TTOs are generally marketed to new users as they have almost zero assembly required.
You open it up, drop a razor blade in, close it back and you are good to go.

However, many TTOs aren’t really designed for the new user, especially the ones made in India and China with aggressive blade gaps, sometimes positive blade exposure and worse, shoddy manufacturing.

The R1 looks a lot like the Weishi Classic or the Vikings Blade Chieftain so they might be the same, or at the very least from the same OEM. Or Rockwell got the parts from said OEM.
I don’t own either of the above, so I cannot compare.
There is zero branding and the razor itself is devoid of any brand markings.

The R1 while feeling a little “Cheap” (it is after all only $15.00) is actually well built. There is no wiggle, no blade chatter and as you can see from the above pictures, the blade alignment along both X and Y axis are perfect.

Do note that, at the time of posting, I believe you cannot buy the R1 separately as a stand alone razor from Rockwell anymore (they will only sell it to you as a gift set of R1 Razor, Brush, Shaving Cream and 5 Blades).

Rockwell also claims that the R1 is similar to the R1 plate on the 6C/S but it is not. It is more closer to the R2 or falling somewhere in between. This is a very mild razor and not as “nick proof” as the R1 plate on a 6C/S.

As you can see from the picture, there is a substantial blade gap. It will handle heavy growth and not clog up.

What is interesting though is that while there is quite a blade gap, the curvature of the blade and blade exposure on this razor puts it somewhere between a R1 and R2 plate on a 6C/S in aggression.

I would recommend this to a new user, someone who needs a gentler shave or for the more advanced user when you need a razor to tame extremely sharp or harsh blades.

I have to say that the new formulation is quite different from the old puck. (I did play with the old formulation soap before this shave)
Scent strength is just a tad up but there is a marked difference in slickness. Its very slick now, if thirsty, has good residual slickness too and the post shave is extremely good for the price I paid for the soap. Its actually well beyond what I expected.
I’ll be using this for my night shaves for a while to really get a feel for it but my honest first impression is that it’s artisan soap good.

The aftershave though, scent strength and longevity are a little lacking. Perfect for the evening shave though. Light and last “just enough”, but price point is a little on the high side considering its performance when compared to other aftershaves at the same price point.
I do like that this is a Rose forward Bay Rum.

And yes, Feathers + a mild razor = Perfect BBS.

  • Bowl : Colonel Conk Santa Fe bowl for large pucks
  • Brush : Friendship Shaving’s Macy G4 Synthetic by Frank Shaving
  • Pre-shave : Shower
  • Soap : Colonel Conk’s Bay Rum (new formulation)
  • Razor : Rockwell R1 w/Feather blade (1)
  • Post Shave : Colonel Conk’s Bay Rum, Nivea Men Post shave Balm

Shave of the day, 31st October 2019, Copalli!

Decided to go full PAA today, well except for the bowl, you have to admit it though, Monica’s bowls are just too awesome.
With the Cube and CK-6, you know your face is well protected and can buff to your heart’s content.

Results :
True Glass “I keep touching myself” BBS shave, even on my trouble spots that sometimes still have that one or two pesky micro whisker to not give you that 100% perfect shave.

I still think that the easiest way to describe the scent is Oud, Sage and smoky blackcurrants made a baby and called it “Copalli”.
A little fruity, very herbaceous, and that dark resinous wood note makes it very unique for those frag-heads (like me) who likes to wear stuff that smells great but still be able to stand out in the crowd of designer scents.

  • Bowl : Van Yulay Resin
  • Brush : PAA’s Atomic Rocket
  • Pre-Shave : Shower, PAA’s Cube
  • Soap : PAA’s Copalli
  • Razor : PAA’s Copper Ascension DOC w/Treet Black Beauty blade (2)
  • Post Shave : PAA’s Copalli Star Jelly and Cologne aftershave splash
  • Others : PAA’s Copalli Deodorant and Solid Cologne

Shave of the day, 30th October 2019, Dragon Spice

Custom scent done by Ginger’s Garden. One of my favourites, being a mix of Dragon’s Blood and Spice Bomb, though that scent mix might not be for everyone given that it’s heart notes is high on orange and spice.

  • Bowl : Van Yulay Resin
  • Brush : Friendship Shaving’s Macy G4 Synthetic by Frank Shaving
  • Pre-Shave : Shower
  • Soap : Ginger’s Garden Dragon Spice
  • Razor : Tatara Masamune w/Rockwell blade (3)
  • Post Shave : Ginger’s Garden Dragon Spice Aftershave Splash and Balm
  • Others : Ginger’s Garden Dragon Spice Solid Cologne

Shave of the day, 29th October 2019, Refinement

Off day shave and its Soap Commander today. Really good soap, good scent, extremely good slickness, residual slickness, good post shave and extremely great value.

Really loving the Masamune more now that I have its measure. It is by far the smoothest shaver I have used and that includes Rockwell 6S and PAA’s Copper Ascension and several Razorock stuff, which is very impressive.

  • Bowl : Van Yulay Resin
  • Brush : Friendship Shaving’s Macy G4 Synthetic by Frank Shaving
  • Pre-Shave : Shower
  • Soap : Soap Commander Refinement
  • Razor : Tatara Masamune w/Rockwell Blade (2)
  • Post Shave : Nivea Deep Aftershave Splash, Soap Commander’s Refinement Aftershave Balm

Shave of the day, 28th October 2019, Solstice

Cleanse the spirit, clean the body.
Drive away evil, stay healthy.
Burn the Sage.

Walk around the room
Into the shadows, cleanse all corners,
Burn the Sage.

One of the more unique of scents, a little heady, very herbal, medicinal.
Love it.

  • Bowl : Van Yulay’s Resin
  • Brush : Friendship Shaving’s Macy G4 Synthetic by Frank Shaving
  • Pre-Shave : Shower
  • Soap : PAA’s Solstice
  • Razor : PAA’s Copper Ascension w/Derby Extra Blade (1)
  • Post Shave :PAA’s Solstice Star Jelly and Cologne Aftershave
  • Others : PAA’s Solstice Deodorant and Solid Clogger

Shave of the day, 27th October 2019 : Lothario

Opted for something simple today and went with Zingari Man’s Lothario.
Lightly scented, straight forward scents and a very enjoyable base. Good soaps.

Decided to use the adjustable today and I don’t know if it’s just me but I usually just set the razor to the efficiency I want and don’t really change it too much if at all.
Case in point, today’s shave was set at 3, and I choose to use the scalloped side for the entire shave.
Didn’t change the setting, just used the scalloped bar shaving side and that was that. No fuss, no complications.

  • Bowl : Van Yulay Resin
  • Brush : Friendship Shaving’s Macy G4 Synthetic by Frank Shaving
  • Pre-Shave : Shower
  • Soap : Zingari Man Lothario
  • Razor : Vikings Blade The Emperor Augustus w/Derby Extra blade (1)
  • Post shave : Zingari Man Lothario Aftershave Balm
  • Others : Davidoff Amber Blend EDP

Shave of the day, 26th October 2019, Sauvage

Something I read about why is it that we tend to get “better” shaves with really aggressive and blade positive razors while gentler, blade neutral razors tend to nick or cause irritation, and the answer was that we tend to be more aware of the razors that would bite and less so with razors that we know are safe.
Hence, we done frack it up when we use “safer” razors and tend to put too much pressure or rush.

With that in mind I went back to the Masamune and Dorco Prime Blade combo.
Previously, this combo will give me that perfect shave but I thought it still took a layer of skin off as alum application feedback indicates slight irritation was indeed caused.

So this time along with PAA’s Cube, CK-6 formula soap and a very light touch on the razor I was rewarded with that perfect shave, the kind you just knew you had the moment you did the final rinse off and applied alum and the aftershave. When fingers met with glass smooth skin and no feedback from the alum.
Lesson learned.

  • Bowl : PAA’s Travel Scuttle
  • Brush : Friendship Shaving’s Macy G4 Synthetic by Frank Shaving
  • Pre-Shave : Shower, PAA’s Cube
  • Soap : PAA’s Doppelganger Black (2015 Sauvage)
  • Razor : Tatara Masamune w/Dorco Prime Blade (1)
  • Post shave : PAA’s Doppelganger Black Aftershave Cologne, Mysterium Serum
  • Others : Dior Sauvage EDP

Shave of the day, 24th October 2019, Proraso Green

Back to basics and I wanted that wonderful eucalyptus rush. Proraso is one of the few shaving stuff that’s rather easily available locally here in Singapore and relatively cheap so it’s going to be a staple.

Went back to the R2 plate with the Dorco Prime blades. I actually for the first time in months had a mirco-nick a shave or two back on the R3 plate. The blades are ultra thin making them really sharp and if you aren’t careful, it’ll draw blood. I just happen to tap the face with with the razor while setting for stroke and it drew blood.
So for those looking for an alternative Feathers or are looking for something as sharp as, you might want to give these a try. I suspect that it might actually edge ahead of Feathers in terms of how sharp its edge is.

Dua’s Fragrance now seems to perform well (I’ll know how well later in the day) now that its allowed to rest and age more.
I suspect that they are rushing barely aged parfums out due to demand as this one is always sold out. Understandable since no one is going to buy Creed’s even at discounters (upwards of $450 for a 2.5oz bottle)
And yes, it does smell great.

  • Bowl : Van Yulay Resin
  • Brush Friendship Shaving Macy Dual Band Manchurian Badger by Frank Shaving
  • Pre-Shave : Shower, Proraso Green
  • Soap : Proraso Green
  • Razor : Rockwell 6S-R2 w/Dorco Prime Blades (3)
  • Post Shave : Proraso Green Aftershave Splash, Prep
  • Others : Bois Précieux et Épices by Dua (Creed’s Spice and Wood)

Shave of the day, 23rd October 2019, Soap Commander Endurance

One of the reasons why I really dislike Proctor and Gamble as a company is that they can’t leave well alone and have to destroy great products in the name of profit.
Shulton’s Old Spice for example. My memory is a little fuzzy on this but, initially, they didn’t messed with the original Shulton formula till around the late 199s or early 2000s.

That is when you started seeing “Old Spice Original” along with a other Old Spice “flavors” that were more and more using synthetic fragrance base to make facsimiles and variants of the old Shulton scent that many will come to say “Smells like the old Shulton, but no where near enough.” even when comparing P&G’s “Orininal”

My last remaining bottle of the old stuff was bought at around the year 2000 or late 1990s when you could still get Old Spice EDTs. I don’t remember when they took those off the shelves.
And it was a shame that they removed the Shulton reference altogether.

Luckily for us, we do have artisans who still remember or I hope, still have samples of the old stuff and was able to recreate the old Shulton scent.

Soap Commander, Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements are those that I have tried and can say that they are as close to the real thing as they can get (I think Soap Commander edges PAA out in accuracy by just a hairline (it’s the nutmeg / cinnamon / Star Anise scent notes mix) but they are both really good and thankfully so close that it doesn’t really matter.

I might try other artisans that I learn of whose products are said to be close and hopefully true to the Shulton scent while I still have my EDT to compare their scent to.

  • Bowl : Van Yulay Resin
  • Brush : Friendship Shaving’s Macy G4 Synthethic by Frank Shaving
  • Pre-Shave : Shower
  • Soap : Soap Commander’s Endurance
  • Razor : Tatara Masamune w/Dorco Prime blade (1)
  • Post Shave : PAA’s Cold Spices Aftershave Cologne, Soap Commander’s Endurance Aftershave Balm