Mail Call from Van Yulay, Evening Shave 30th September : Khaleesi

Mail Call, one more Dragon and A Tribute to the fallen and a number of samples (not pictured) that I am sure I will pick a few to add to my ever growing pile of soaps that I can’t hope to finish.

The real surprise was Khaleesi.
I was expecting a sniffy or something similar, not a sample to use, thank you Monica Gillam for the privilege!

Of course, I had to use it for my evening shave, and as you can see, no pre-shave, just the soap and razor as to not have any foreign scents interfere with the soap’s.

I did choose to use the scuttle, as I wanted hot lather and lathering on a hot surface do boost the scent of a soap and this was one I wanted to breathe all the notes in.

Right off the puck the soap smells very similar to Monica’s other new soap, Gaia. Cilantro forming the base for the ozone note, though this is a little more darker, more animalistic.

Lathering the soap up, you get a strong whiff of smoke, a hint of vanilla, light blood orange, and a little amber.
Smoke is not birch-like, more acrid, almost gunpowder but slightly tempered by something else that I can’t put a finger on. Best I can describe is gunpowder and light citrus florals with the gunpowder note very predominant.

Going onto your face the scent of the lather transforms a little. You now get hints of leather, amber and jasmine popping out, with the gunpowder and ozone notes being dominant.

The wash off though, surprised me. After the first pass, and going for the rinse, the scent evolved yet again. This time with the gunpowder and ozone quickly dissipating but still present hovering lightly in the background.
However, you now have leather, amber, jasmine and rose notes and something else, spice maybe, popping up during and after the rinse. The spice note came and went, like it was almost never there or it might have been my nose playing tricks but the sudden rose note popping up along with the other notes changed the scent imagery.

All in all it was a rather enjoyable shave, but I will have to say that this is not a cologne scent and one that may not be appealing to everyone.
It is not a feminine scent, slanting more towards unisex, so I am sure both the ladies and men can enjoy this one.

It does however tell a story, and I am not sure how or why the soap’s scent transformed the way it did but I found myself thinking of the Character that inspired the soap and several of her key scenes.

Wife of the Stallion.
Rebirth by fire.
Mother of Dragons.

Recommend sampling before buying.

As I don’t have the aftershave for this, I can’t say what the final closing experience will be like. I hope it follows and is more in line with the “wash off” scent, bringing the leather, florals and amber to the fore and not so much gun-smoke / ozone.

  • Bowl : PAA’s Travel Scuttle
  • Soap : Van Yulay’s Khaleesi
  • Razor : PAA’s Copper Ascension DOC w/Feather Blade (4)
  • No AS, allowing the soap’s scent to linger. Will use an undecided balm later.

Shave of the day, 30th September 2019 : Matterhorn (Creed’s Silver Mountain Water)

Creed wanted a scent to convey the image of freshly melted mountain snow, flowing down as pristine stream of silver blue.
They came up with Silver Mountain Water.
Love this scent, its one that when you take a deep breath of, you just feel refreshed, new alive.

  • Bowl : Van Yulay Resin
  • Brush : Friendship Shaving Macy G4 Synthetic by Frank Shaving
  • Pre-shave: Shower
  • Soap : WSP’s Matterhorn
  • Razor : Rockwell 6S-R4 w/Feather Blade (4)
  • Post Shave : WSP’s Matterhorn Aftershave Splash and Balm
  • Others : Al Haramain’s L’Aventure Blanche (Creed Silver Mountain Water)

Evening Shave, 29th September 2019 : Vintage Barbershop

So what’s more vintage then finishing off with a scent that’s been around since 1898?
The Two Girl’s Florida Water’s scent is a throw back to an age long gone, and still wonderfully refreshing.
Wife likes it.

  • Bowl : Van Yulay Resin
  • Brush : Friendship Shaving’s Macy Manchurian Badger by Frank Shaving
  • Soap : WTF’s Vintage Barbershop
  • Razor : Rockwell 6S-R3 w/Feather Blade (3)
  • Post Shave : Sauvetico’s Whiskey Bar Aftershave Splash
  • Others : Two Girls’ Florida Water

Shave of the day, 29th September 2019 : Al Fin (At Last!)

Rose, myrtle and tobacco are the main notes and they play so well with each other. Light and dark, bright fresh and and all that an edge that makes this scent one of my favorites.
This soap even has its own theme song.

Perfect glass “I keep touching myself” BBS shave again.
Gotta love that Feather + Ascension combo.

  • Bowl : Van Yulay Resin
  • Brush : Friendship Shaving’s Macy G4 Synthetic by Frank Shaving
  • Pre-Shave : Shower, The Cube Mentholated
  • Soap : PAA’s Al Fin
  • Razor : PAA’s Coppper Ascension DOC w/Feather Blade (2)
  • Post Shave : PAA’s Al Fin Star Jelly, Aftershave Colonge, Mysterium Serum
  • Others : PAA’s Al Fin Deodorant and EDP

Shave of the day, 28th September 2019 : Praise John Frum!

Praise John Frum!
Best goddamn sandalwood musk scent. As a frag head, this is one I am really enjoying using.
Though, I am still waffling on the EDP.
We’ll see.

Feather and Ascension.
Sometimes I wonder why I bother using so many different blades and razor combos.

Razor and blade combo = Glass “I keep touching myself” true BBS shave easy.
Even my usual trouble spots were mowed clean and I didn’t really need a clean up pass.

I did it anyways as it just seemed wrong not to lather up the face, enjoy that beautiful scent and feel the blade glide oh so effortlessly across smooth skin.

Feeling great, smelling great, epic start to an awesome day!

  • Bowl : Van Yulay Resin
  • Brush : Friendship Shaving’s Macy G4 Synthetic by Frank Shaving
  • Pre-Shave : Shower, PAA’s The Cube Mentholated
  • Soap : PAA’s John Frum
  • Razor : PAA’s Copper Ascension DOC w/Feather Blade (1)
  • Post Shave : PAA’s John Frum’s Star Jelly Aftershave, Aftershave Cologne, Mysterium Serum
  • Other : PAA’s John Frum’s Deodorant, Solid Cologne

Shave of the day 27th September 2019 : Blackbeard

Tobacco, cherry, vanilla, patchouli, cloves, spices.
Smooth, rich, deep and dark scent.
The aftershave has a kick of a burn too. So for those into that, this one’s a must get, otherwise just get the balm.

R4 plate on the Rockwell seems to be sweet spot for me and for most of the blades I use. Haven’t rotated back to Feathers / Bics.
Maybe tomorrow.
Still, got my glass BBS, smelling great and ready for work!

  • Bowl : Van Yulay Resin
  • Pre-Shave : Shower, PAA’s The Cube
  • Brush : Friendship Shaving’s Macy G4 Synthetic
  • Soap : WSP’s Blackbeard
  • Razor : Rockwell 6S-R4 w/Astra Stainless Steel (1)
  • Post Shave : WSP’s Blackbeard Aftershave Splash and Balm
  • Others : WSP’s Blackbeard Solid Cologne

Evening Shave, 26th September 2019 : Unity (9/11 Tribute Soap)

Apple, Fig and Cranberry pie!
On top of the prominent notes, you’d get a little hint of brown sugar, cinnamon and vanilla I think, not sure as the apple and cranberry pretty much steamrolls everything else.
If you buy this, DO NOT SKIP the aftershave balm.
Balm smells so good!

And I see where Soap Commander was going with this one. Perhaps thinking “American as Apple Pie!” and adding Fig and Cranberry to flesh out supporting notes that came together to make a really beautiful scent.
Well done.

Going with the R5 base plate was the right move for this razor / blade combo, got to love the Rockwell 6S/C for that versatility.
People still comment that its not a true adjustable, that is true, but it is essentially 5 (not counting the Training Wheels base plate) Razors sold for the price of one and you can’t fault it for value.

Got my BBS for the evening, probably leaving me very little to take off in the morning “rush” to get ready for work, maybe with a little easy XTG, ATG cleanup.

  • Bowl : Van Yulay Resin
  • Pre-shave : Shower
  • Soap : Soap Commander Unity (9/11 Tribute)
  • Razor : Rockwell 6S-R5 w/Astra Stainless Steel (2) (blade not pictured)
  • Post Shave : Thayers Witch Hazel Lemon, Soap Commander Unity Aftershave Balm

Shave of the day, 26th September 2019 : Gratitude

There are lots of reasons to use a scuttle.
You may want warm or cold lather, for that extra luxury or like me sometimes you just want to give a boost when making lather to get a good whiff of the scent when essential oils hit a warm / hot surface.
Highly recommend frag heads to get one.

Today’s soap didn’t disappoint, Cedar and Saffron are the main notes and comes off strong because of the scuttle and is right up my alley when it comes to a good, deep, man’s scent. There was also the barest hints of fruit, almost like blackcurrant and apple in there too, but that could be just my nose reading the blended notes.
Very enjoyable.

Been a while since I reached for Thayers.
And I think I should have used the R4 plate as I had to settle for a damn fine shave, not true BBS unfortunately.
These Astra blades are a hit and miss for me and I will probably go higher with the R5 maybe this evening to see how it goes.

  • Bowl : PAA’s Travel Scuttle
  • Brush : Friendship Shaving’s Macy G4 Synthetic by Frank Shaving
  • Pre-shave : other than a shower, none
  • Soap : Soap Commander Gratitude (9/11 commemorative soap limited edititon)
  • Razor : Rockwell 6S-R3 w/Astra Stainless Steel (1)
  • Post shave : Thayer Witch Hazel Lemon, Soap Commander Gratitude Aftershave Balm

Shave of the day, 25th September 2019 : The Seafarer

Felt like going a little “Blue” today, and go aquatic.
2nd time on the Sea Farer, still think that they scent is a little light but it goes well with the aquatic scent I have chosen for today.

  • Bowl : PAA’s Travel Scuttle
  • Brush : Friendship Shaving’s Macy Dual Band Manchurian Badger by Frank Shaving
  • Soap : Zingari Man’s The Sea Farer (sample)
  • Razor : PAA’s Copper Ascension w/Astra Stainless Steel (1)
  • Post Shave : Reuzel Aftershave Splash
  • Others : Bvlgari Aqva Atlantiqve EDT

Shave of the day, 24th September 2019 : Cypress and Vetyver

Going back to the rotation and going back to oldies I have that I haven’t used in a while, and just going use and clear them to make space for new stuff.
Proraso’s Pre-shave cream for example.
It is pretty hard to justify them after using PAA’s Cube which does a better job at almost 1/3 of the price.

Finally got around to test buy a Dua fragrance.
Lots of controversy going on with them, with fragrance purist complaining that they are essentially pirates / re-sellers / re-branders who don’t do their own juice to people like me who don’t appreciate Designer / Niche houses charging upwards of US$400-600 for 100ml on top of “reformulating” products to maximize profit at the cost of customer satisfaction (YSL’s La Nuit De L’Homme / Issey Miyake Pour Homme) turning great performing products into something that are shadows of their past selves.

Dua BTW is not “cheap”, not at $40-$55 a pop per 30ml bottle. To be fair they give you Parfum quality juice but they are by no means cheap.

  • Bowl : Van Yulay Resin
  • Brush : Friendship Shaving’s Macy G4 Synthetic by Frank Shaving
  • Pre-Shave : Shower, Proraso Cypress and Vetyver Pre-shave cream
  • Soap : Proraso Cypress and Vetyver shaving cream
  • Razor : Rockwell 6S-R4 w/Astra Stainless Steel (1)
  • Post Shave : Proraso Cypress and Vetyver Balm
  • Others : Dua’s Bois Précieux et Épices (Creed’s Spice and Woods)