Shave of the day, 4th of July 2021, Van Yulay Bay of Roses

Pre-Shave : Shower, PAA Cube
Brush : PAA Peregrino
Soap Van Yulay Bay of Roses
Razor : Leaf Twig w/Feather Blade
Post Shave : Van Yulay Bay of Roses Aftershave Splash
Others : Guerlain Santal Royal

The rose note in Van Yulay’s Bay of roses is a deep heady rose along with spice and bay that pairs really well with Guerlain’s Santal Royal, which is contrary to what the name suggest, is really a scent that is very rose forward with a touch of oud, that runs roughshod over the sandalwood.

It’s very unisex, so if you aren’t into scents that slant towards the feminine side, you definitely want to sample first.

The Leaf Twig is a definitely a good starting SE razor given its mid-mild shaving profile.
Just a tad of blade feel but still fairly smooth, and very efficient though mild. Pop in a sharp blade like the Feather and it’ll take off everything with barely any resistance.

Stay safe
Stay sane
Stay happy

3 thoughts on “Shave of the day, 4th of July 2021, Van Yulay Bay of Roses

  1. Greetings Steve,
    Would like to know which forwarders you usually use to ship alcohol aftershaves like Pinauds and Col Conk from US/UK to Singapore and what are the shipping costs generally, as I have them on my wish list? Would appreciate your suggestions. Thanks.


    1. I use
      They have the lowest DG “handling” charge.
      I have tried several other companies, some of them charge as much as US$90

      DG Charges are essentially a one time payment (per package forwarded) of US$30 for handling “Dangerous Goods” as you cannot normally ship anything with alcohol.
      This means that it is best to bring in multiple items that can leverage on that one time charge Eg several bottles of perfumes / aftershaves especially stuff that you can’t get over here.

      Weight will also play a part and your total shipping cost may eventually land around $US100 +/-
      Shipping is done by either DHL or FEDEx.

      So as you can see, you don’t really save that much, but you will get items that you can’t otherwise get.
      So if you’ll have to decide if you really want the item to have the item shipped to you.


  2. Thanks Steve. Most useful information and really appreciate it. Do you also use for PAA products? Look forward to your take on PAA Oud Spice and Et Tu in future if hopefully Douglas decides to bring them both as permanent scents in the PAA collection soon.


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