Shave of the day, 30th September 2020, A Clubman Shave

  • Pre-Shave : Shower, PAA Cube
  • Brush : Oumo 24mm ACE SHD Dual Band Manchurian Badger
  • Soap : Clubman Pinaud Shave Soap
  • Razor : Tatara Nodachi + RR SS UFO Handle w/Lord Platinum Blade
  • Post Shave : Clubman Pinaud Gent’s Gin

Was recommended the soap to try, got some off Amazon. Two, two ounce tubs for about $11.50, though I am pretty sure if you shop around and if you can find this in the wild it’ll probably be cheaper.

The Tubs they came in though is ridiculously small, there is no way you are going to brush load without making a mess, but the soap itself is a very soft waxy glycerin type, my guess is that you are meant to scoop out some and bowl lather.

Or you can do what I did, empty out the contents into a larger tub, microwave it for about 15 to 20 seconds, you do not want it to boil, just heat it enough for the soap to melt and let it form itself with the shape of the tub its now in.

Sets and sort of hardens into a soft croap, so you can still scoop out for bowl lathering or just brush load directly from the tub.

Lather quality is actually surprisingly good, if not as thick nor as bodied as the higher tier artisan soaps.
It is however, very slick, and lathers up very easily. Fair residual slickness and minimal post shave feel. No tightening of the skin.

And it smells like Palmolive Shave Stick, just a little lighter in scent, but that fern green scent is unmistakable.

At its price point though, its going up against soaps like Palmolive, Col Conk and even an Artisanal Soap, Wet The Face ($13) so I’d get it if only you want something different to use to change up your soap rotation.

To be fair, it is very good for what it is and if priced a little lower or come in a 4oz tub it would definitely a worthy budget purchase.
YMMV of course.

Went with the default Nodachi today, as I am pairing it with a Lord Blade. The nice thing about having several razors with different shave geometries is that you can match the razor to the blade, in this case a smooth but not as sharp blade compared to say Nacets / Bics / Feathers, to get that comfortable BBS shave you want.

Perfect, no irritation true glass BBS shave.

Stay safe
Stay sane
Stay happy

Shave of the day, 29th September 2020, HC&C Non Scented + Badass Scent Drops

  • Pre-Shave : Shower, PAA Cube
  • Bowl : Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl
  • Brush : Oumo 24mm ACE SHD Dual Band Manchurian Badger
  • Soap : HC&C Scentless + Badass Scent Drops
  • Razor : Tatara Masamune Base + Nodachi Cap w/Tiger Platinum Blade
  • Post Shave : Lustray Blue Spice

Finally got to try out HC&C and chose to get the unscented with scent drops as I was intrigued with the concept. Buy a soap base, add different scents to your desire.

I need to stop right here and point out to those who are thinking right now, that you can make your own scents.
BUT READ UP ON HOW TO FIRST and research this thoroughly.
Also google Essential Oil damage to face and go to the pictures section and take a long look.
Make sure you know what you are doing before using oils / scents in soaps that goes onto your face.

Having said the above, I used 2 drops of Badass for my first go at this.
And immediately, I was like I know that scent!
Or at least a very very near match, and that is , Dior Homme EDT. No wonder you guys are saying it smells great!
As for the lather, Lather Porn attached. 😁

Went with my Zero Zero Masamune again, this time with a Tiger Blade. The Blade is not as sharp as Bics, leaving some parts of my usual trouble spots still with micro-stubble. You know the kind that when you lightly run your fingers over wet skin it feels smooth but the moment it dries somewhat and you run over ATG you’ll feel the bristles?
A little Stretching, and buffing ATG and that got sorted out.
I should pair the Tigers with the Nodachi.

Still I got my BBS, had zero irritation even with the multiple passes so its good.
Finished up with Lustray Blue Spice which pairs very nicely with the soap’s scent.
And yes, final touch with Dior Homme.

Stay safe
Stay sane
Stay happy

Mail Call, Shave of the day, 28th September 2020, WTF Ozark Alchemy

  • Pre-Shave : Shower, PAA Cube
  • Bowl : Van Yulay Resin
  • Brush : Oumo 24mm ACE SHD Dual Band Manchurian Badger
  • Soap : WTF Ozark Alchemy
  • Razor : Tatara Masamune Base + Nodachi Cap w/Bic Chrome Platinum (TSOA)
  • Post Shave : WTF Ozark Alchemy Aftershave Splash

Came home from the Clinic after the mandatory Covid-19 test and saw the Fed-Ex Box, Eff Yeah!
2 more packages to go, last one is still pending “inspections and approval” before I can even start to ship it but thems the pains of shipping “flammables” legally internationally.

@Pete Thanks for the “Extra!” really appreciate it!

@Don Thanks for the Alchemy sheet, 2nd son confiscated it though, and I was like “Don’t go blowing yourself up or drinking anything you make, kaaayss?!”

For today though, I went with Don’s Ozark Alchemy.
Notes are simple.
Cedar, Pine and Fir. But ohhhhh boy, sometimes simple is all you need.
Pine came off strong, think snapping a pine branch and getting that strong resin whiff, balanced by Fir taking that pine bite off making it less “hospital floor wash” and more “into the woods” scent. All sitting on that cedar base that reinforce that “in the woods” vibe. Fresh Pine note is dominant to me.
Fanfreaking AWESOME!

Side note :
Menthol, Don.
MENTHOL! Seriously, I think Imma gonna add some menthol for the next time I use this (maybe tomorrow evening) as I think menthol is going to blow this out into space.

Of course, YMMV, especially if you are not a woods scent type person but I like it.
Don’s soaps performs fantastically of course, Lather Porn Included.
That Oumo brush man, been matching a lot of my soaps lately.

Went with the Zero Zero Masamune, (0.00mm blade exposure) with TSOA.
I think it was a mistake for Tatara to have stopped numbering their plates, (they stopped with the Nodachi plate) and that is a shame. Yeah, it would have been more labor intensive but those of us who have ours numbered are the lucky ones.
I wonder whom has the last numbered plate.

Perfect, shavegasmic, zero irritation, “I keep touching myself” BBS shave.

Stay safe
Stay sane
Stay happy

Shave of the day, 27th September 2020, Ginger’s Garden Floid Type (Floid Blue)

  • Pre-Shave : Shower, PAA Cube
  • Brush : Oumo 24mm ACE SHD Dual Band Manchurian Badger
  • Soap : Ginger’s Garden Floid Type (Floid Blue)
  • Razor : Blackland Vector w/Feather Pro Blade
  • Post Shave : Epsilon Blue Mediterranean Aftershave

Easy Work day shave, in search of that perfect “Blue Spice” scent.
For today, its going to be Ginger’s Garden and Epsilon Blue.
Anyone with suggestions as to their favorite “blue spice” that is available in the market?

Also, I just saw that Floid relaunched Floid Blue but its now sold as an EDT, and there is no news if they will bring back the legendary aftershave. (Come on Floid, you can do both, both is good)

Went with the Vector again, I really should replace the blade soon, it is starting to feel less smooth, it is still taking off growth rather easily, however, the edge feels like its getting rough so even though the blade will still cut perfectly, it might cause irritation.

Stay safe
Stay sane
Stay happy

Shave of the day 26th September 2020, PAA Diver Down (Seaforth Spiced)

  • Pre-Shave : Shower, PAA Cube
  • Brush : PAA Peregrino
  • Soap : PAA Diver Down
  • Razor : PAA Copper Ascension w/Bic Chrome Platinum
  • Post Shave : PAA Diver Down Star Jelly Aftershave, Aftershave Cologne
  • Others : PAA Diver Down Deodorant and Epic Solid Cologne

Mail call (3 of 6) came in.
When I first heard of Doug remaking Seaforth Spiced I was immediately intrigued, I had never the pleasure to own a bottle, as I while I have seen them but this was when I was a kid around the mid-late70s and by the time I was old enough to shave or got interested in scents for men, it was already gone from the shelves.

Enter Diver Down. A homage to Seaforth Spiced.

And man this smells fantastic! Take a bit of Bay Rum, a bit of Old Spice, throw in Spikenard and you get Diver Down.
I had to look up what Spikenard was and went ” Oh! Jatamansi!” Which smells like minty dark amber and ginger, something over here in Asia that they use to make medicated rubbing oil (Think Axe oil type) usually mixed with nutmeg.
Look for “Eagle Medicated oil”.

Very soothing, very aromatic and relaxing its probably the best blast from the past scent this year and hopefully sales will keep it around far into the future.

CATA-DOC and TSOA, this I know is “Uncle Gary Approved” 😁
Riding on that CK-6 lather? Getting that perfect BBS shave is just too easy.

Had a fantastic shave, smelling even more epic.

Stay safe
Stay sane
Stay happy

Shave of the day, 25th September 2020, Siliski Soaps Appalachian Forest

  • Pre-Shave : Shower, PAA Cube
  • Brush : Oumo 24mm ACE SHD Dual Band Manchurian Badger
  • Soap : Siliski Soaps Appalachian Forest
  • Razor : Tatara Nodachi Base + Masamune Cap w/Bic Chrome Platinum (TSOA)
  • Post Shave : Clubman Pinaud Gent’s Gin

The good thing about having a huge soap collection is sometimes, coming back to soaps you haven’t used in your rotation in a while will be like its the first time, surprises you and you wonder why I haven’t been using this soap in a while?!

I don’t see Siliski Soaps in many SOTDs and I was just recently at Andrew’s site and it looks like he’s discontinuing most of his shaving stuff. (I only saw one offering, “Internal Calamity”) and even places like Maggards and West Coast Shaving aren’t carrying many of his stuff anymore which is a real shame.

If you can still find Appalachian Forest and if you like soap with Woods fragrances, get it.
Don’t think, don’t even blink, just get it.

The scent in this soap is just amazing.
To date, it’s still the the best smelling of all my Woods Fragrance soaps.
Performance wise, its a very thick, very slick with amazing residual and post.
Better than many, and while YMMV and I haven’t used ALL Artisan soaps, it’s performance trumps many other artisan soaps I have used.

Its a damn shame its going to be unobtainium.

Went with my Gentler Nodachi and with TSOA and riding on that Siliski lather, just made the entire shave kinda surreal.
Not feeling anything except for that barest tiny bit of resistance from growth as its cut off along with audio feedback as my only cue that the razor is doing anything.
But the resulting zero irritation, true glass “I keep touching myself” BBS shave is something else.
Finished with Pinaud’s Gent’s Gin which really complimented if not matched the soap’s scent quite well.

It’s been 2 hours since I shaved and I am still touching the under chin man.
Shavegasm indeed.

Stay safe
Stay sane
Stay happy

Shave of the day, 24th September 2020, Soap Commander Floral Fougere

  • Pre-Shave : Shower, PAA Cube
  • Brush : Oumo 24mm ACE SHD Dual Band Manchurian Badger
  • Soap : Soap Commander Floral Fougere
  • Razor : Rockwell 6S-R4 w/Bic Chrome Platinum (TSOA)
  • Post Shave : Soap Commander Floral Fougere Aftershave Splash

More Fougere than Floral, Soap Commander’s Floral Fougere scent is “ok” (YMMV!) to me. While today’s shave did not see me adding menthol or eucalyptus to the lather, since I wanted the “naked” experience, personally, I prefer just that little tad of freshness which for me, would have made this soap so much better.

Took out the old Warhammer and she reminded me just how good a razor she is.
While top heavy, she’s definitely not clumsy, armed with TSOA, she was as smooth as melted butter taking off growth.

I still maintain that the Rockwell 6S/6C is the best razor you can buy especially if you are new to DE shaving and while you may leave her to play with another girl, she’ll still amaze you when you eventually get back together with her again.

Easy, perfect, zero irritation, true glass BBS shave.

Stay safe
Stay sane
Stay happy

Shave of the day, 23rd September 2020, Oaken Lab’s Far Afield

  • Pre-Shave : Shower, PAA Cube
  • Bowl : Van Yulay Resin
  • Brush : Oumo 24mm ACE SHD Dual Band Manchurian Badger
  • Soap : Oaken Lab Far Afield
  • Razor : Blackland Vector w/Feather Pro Blade
  • Post Shave : Oaken Lab Far Afield Aftershave Splash

In the mood for “Into the Woods” shaves and first up in the rotation is Oaken Lab Far Afield.
Made by an expat now living in Indonesia, you’d think its easier for me to get his stuff here in Singapore since we are practically neighbors. Unfortunately due to liquid shipping restrictions I can’t buy directly from him.

A local Barber (The Panic Room if you are Singapore) do fortunately stock some of his stuff but stocks are on / off / low so check with them first if its available before heading down to buy. (or do it online)

For example I know Oaken Lab has a new scent out, Plein Air which notes are : Peppermint, Anise, Fennel, White Musk, Ozone, Citrus, that’s right down my alley of scents that I like! But for some reason its not available here, but they do have the shampoo and other stuff.

As for the soap and lather itself, it’s good, definitely upper mid artisan range.
Be a little more generous with the soap if you are bowl lathering, or if you want to load direct from the tub to face lather, load just a little heavier.

Scent for Far Afield is :
Aqua, Ceder and Citrus, think walking into a forest just after a monsoon downpour has passed and you get that wet woods vibe with a hint of citrus.
It’s light-mid strength so its not overpowering but very present and pleasant.

This scent actually brings memories of a 6 year old me, playing in my school’s massive field after a rain.
The field was joined to a rain forest of sorts (pythons coming into the field was not a rare occurrence) and that smell of wet earth and woods is now one of the few things lost to modern Singapore.

Went with the Vector again for that precision shaves it gives.
One thing about using these Feather SE blades, they last a long, long time for me.
I’ve stop using counters to keep track of how many shaves a blade gives me and just go by feel now. If it doesn’t give me a BBS shave in one pass (WTG, XTG, ATG one pass) with a pick up pass, its edge is starting to go dull. Which usually can give me another 10 shaves if I do two passes plus pickups.
That’s nuts.

The Aftershave is another non-alcohol skin food splash, mostly witch hazel, scent and skin food.
Finishing with it feels great.

Easy, no irritation true glass BBS shave.

Stay safe
Stay sane
Stay happy

Shave of the day, 22nd September 2020, Soap Commander Unity

  • Pre-Shave : Shower, PAA Cube
  • Brush : PAA Peregrino
  • Soap : Soap Commander Unity
  • Razor : Blackland Vector w/Feather Pro Blade
  • Post Shave : Clubman Pinaud Brandy Spice

Work day shave and went with Soap Commander’s Unity.
With scent notes of Apple, Fig and Cranberry, this soap smells so good. Unless of course you don’t like apples, figs or cranberry. 😋

Went with the Vector today, wanted that “straight razor” with safety razor feel along with the precision that this razor gives. It feels almost mild but that is deceptive, you are aware of the blade at all times and it will give you one of the closest shaves you’ll ever get.

No irritation, perfect true glass BBS shave.

Stay safe
Stay sane
Stay happy

Morning Shave, 21st September 2020, Pinnacle Grooming The One

  • Pre-Shave : Cold Shower, PAA Cube
  • Brush : Oumo 24mm ACE SHD Dual Band Manchurian Badger
  • Bowl : SS Mixing Bowl
  • Soap : Pinnacle Grooming The One
  • Razor : Tatara Nodachi + SS UFO Handle w/Bic Chrome Platinum
  • Post Shave : Pinnacle Grooming The One
  • Others : John Varvatos Oud

I need to stop being stingy and use more soap for my lather porn shots, it’s not like I lack for soaps after all.
Still, yeah, I am pretty sure I have dialed in on Pinnacle’s lather preferences.

Again went with the Tatara Nodachi, though, this time I used Razorock’s SS UFO handle as I really prefer the knurling for a better grip and slight added weight.
Easy one pass WTG, XTG and ATG plus pick up pass for a clean BBS face.

Paired the shave with John Varvatos’ Oud and they compliment each other well.
Smelling fantastic, going to do stuff, then its off to bed and back to work again later.

Stay safe
Stay sane
Stay happy