Steve’s Journey into Wet Shaving in Singapore

This blog was started after I have decided to get back into Wet Shaving after 35 years without touching the razors my grandfather and father used. The catalyst, was perhaps silly, just an advertisement by Gillette, but I did not appreciate being called “toxic”, painted with a brush smearing me that as a man, I’d assault, bully, harass and or possibly force myself onto women who do not want my attention.
And that to be better man, I have to not be a man.

Sure they changed and edited the original advert later to try and paint a more positive message but that original advert I saw told me that a company, that I spent hundreds of dollars on their products every year, from blades, foam to post shaves was telling me, that I am scum.

So I’ve decided to go back to the old ways.
And this blog is to chronicle that journey and hopefully my musings and thoughts will be useful to someone thinking of walking down that same path here in Singapore.

I will need to say that everything you see here in the blog are searched for, bought and paid for by me, myself and I.

I am not being sponsored to say what I say, nor am I being paid anything for my opinions.
They are my own and opinions as a customer.

I do this out of enthusiasm having rediscovered the joy that even the simple act of removing hair from my face, can be an experience that one can enjoy doing and not just one of necessity.

I do hope that if you take the time to look at or read the stuff I put out, that you may find something of value and you too might pick up the lost art of being a man, at least in the bathroom. 🙂