Shave of the day, 19th June 2021, Soap Commander Endurance + Shoddy Product Alert

Pre-Shave : Shower, PAA Cube
Brush : PAA Amber Aerolite
Soap : Soap Commander Endurance
Razor : Tatara Masamune Base + Nodachi Cap (Zero Zero Masamune) w/Voskhod Blade
Post shave : Gentleman Jon’s Alum Block, Soap Commander Aftershave Splash and Balm

Been doing morning shifts (gotta wake up 0400hrs) so most the morning shaves recently were my “Me Zombie” shaves.
So my Evening Shaves are when I can really relax, and enjoy the scent and blade.

The shave itself was perfect though the experience marred with the post shave.
Usually I don’t post a pic or mention the Alum block, this is one where I felt I need to as a warning to other fellow Wet-Shavers.

This brand does not sell true blocks but instead reconstituted alum blocks.
Whether it was due to the rigors of shipping or whether it was an accident, a good portion of the block had crumbled to dust. A little more than ¼ of the block lost.

To be fair, there’s always a chance that sooner or later you will accidently drop your block, and even if its less than a feet or two or 50cm+/- , your block will chip.

Pic shows a true cut Alum Block vs the one I just got.

Notice the true block can still be used and will wear smooth, while the reconstituted block will now in my experience, crumble with use as the loose core is weakened due to moisture.

I DO NOT recommend it’s purchase.

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