Shave of the day, 06th April 2021, PAA Doppelganger Gold – Creed Royal Mayfair

Pre-Shave : Shower, PAA Cube
Brush : Frank Shaving Friendship Shaving Dual Band Badger
Soap : PAA Doppelganger Gold – Creed Royal Mayfair
Razor : PAA Ascension Double Open Comb w/ Bic Chrome Platinum
Post Shave : PAA Doppelganger Gold Cologne Aftershave w/Epic Solid Cologne

Creed’s Royal Mayfair is an odd and polarizing scent to many in the scent community.
It was meant to be a “Celebration of the British Commonwealth” that was commissioned for the Duke of Windsor but only debut 80 years after the fact in 2009 (37 years after his death) as “Windsor”.

Creed essentially went … “Ehhh … Duke of What now?” and gave the man no respect.

It has since been reissued and now renamed as “Royal Mayfair”

Notes are :
Tops : British Gin, Jamaican Lime, Scottish Highland Pine
Mids : Duke of Windsor Roses
Base : Bahamian Orange, Canadian Cedar, Australian Eucalyptus

And the reason why this was a polarizing scent was that the scent accords opens with that gin, lime and pine.
To some it can comes across as boozy gasoline. Seriously, you do get that “petroleum” sort of vibe with the opening that will take some getting used to.
I actually hated it originally but like oud, it became an acquired taste so to speak.

As well as, depending on the your skin, the mix of Eucalyptus, Cedar and Orange as base can come across as a little “off” if your body oils don’t quite agree with that mix.

However for those for whom Royal Mayfair played nice with your body oils, this is a beautiful, heady fresh scent.
And Doug outdid himself with the accuracy, at least to my memory.
Make no mistake, this is definitely one of Creed’s more unique fragrances and in today’s terms, its not Aventus. πŸ™‚

For myself, once the opening accords fades into the background, they never really quite go away after that initial blast but kind of hangs around for much of the scent life, once the rose, orange and eucalyptus come to the fore sitting on that bright, almost spicy cedar, is when the scent really shines.
The Opening accords actually become a lot more pleasant for me once it fades into the background, harmonizing well with the mids and base.

Speaking of which, its been about 7+ hours since I applied the Epic Solid Cologne / Cologne AS and while the AS scent has more or less faded off (I can no longer smell the scent off the face when I cup my hands over the nose, mouth and chin), the Epic Solid Cologne is still going though fading, is still creating a personal scent bubble that only you, or someone that gets really close into your personal space will detect (maybe).

At 7hours+ I can still make out tiny hints of gin and lime, though its mostly rose, orange and eucalyptus at this point.
And it still smells as good on application.

If I have to describe it in terms of PAA’s product similarity, I’d say imagine like Dapper Doc + Saint Martin’s Land (without the ginger and add gin) had a baby.

So far, I think only Doug has the Doppelganger of Creed’s Royal Mayfair as even the usual Clone houses aren’t really picking this one up.
So getting a sample of Doppelganger Gold is a good way to go if you want to give the scent a try.

(Next Creed’s Doppelganger -Spice and Wood Doug! Spice and Wood!)

Stay safe
Stay sane
Stay happy

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