Shave of the day, 28 June 2019 : Al Fin

Bowl : Van Yulay Silicone
Brush : Phoenix Artisan Accouterments’s Atomic Rocket
Soap : Pheonix Artisan Accouterments’s Al Fin
Post Shave : Phoenix Artisan Accouterments’s Al Fin, Mysterium Serum
Razor : Razorock MJ-90A w/Treet Black Beauty
Other : Dior Sauvage (2015)

Al Fin’s scent imagery is still one that I really love. I’ll need to get the EDP sometime.
Its unique and one that I really enjoy.
For the moment, I’ll be pairing it with Dior’s Sauvage which plays nicely to Al Fin’s brighter tones.
Tabacco, amber and Spice, all combined to smell really great!

Treet blades are still on track, 3 uses per blade give or take, 4 if I push it.
They are not bad, though I am still weighing on how sharp it feels. Fresh blades are good for me, 2nd and 3rd really depends. 4th use seems to feel rough, so best use for me with these days are as “one day” use blades.

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