Shave of the day, 29th June 2019 : Son of Zeus

Bowl : Van Yulay Silicone
Brush : Frank Shaving Silvertip Badger
Soap : Razorock Son of Zeus
Post Shave : Razorock Son of Zeus, Prep
Razor : Rockwell 6S-R3 w/Treet Black Beauty Blade
Other : Hermes Terre D’Hermes

Last work day, so going to end with a bang that is Hermes Terre D’Hermes.
Just love a shave that you walk away smelling like a God. Son of Zeus is one of the better scented and distinctive smelling shaving soaps out there.

As for the Treet blades, for me, as YMMV, Treet Black Beauties are “buy if they are on discount”, otherwise I’ll go for Sharks.
Same price but Sharks hold their edge longer. I get 1 really good shave, and up to 3 without the blade starting to irritate. While Sharks will give me at least 2 really good shaves and anywhere from 3 to 5 ok shaves, and anything more, I get irritation from Shark blades.

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