Shave of the day, 31st May 2019: Solstice

Bowl : Vikings Blade Grand Chairman
Brush : Phoenix Accouterments’ Atomic Rocket
Preshave : Prep
Soap and Post shave : Phoenix Accouterments’ Solstice and matching Aftershave
Razor : Rockwell 6S w/Zaza Blade (4th use)

First work day shave after being sick the past few days as a dog more or less coughing my lungs out. Hate the airport sometimes, you catch the worst kind of bugs there.
Anyways, wanted something soothing and decided on Solstice.

2 pass shave, WTG & ATG with clean up.
Blade stared to feel harsh, still got my glass BBS but I think I’ll stop at 4 use.

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