Evening Shave, 30th May 2019 : Wet The Face’s Himitsu

Bowl : Vikings Blade Grand Chairman
Brush: Frank Shaving Silvertip Badger
Soap : (sample sized) Wet the face Himitsu
Post shave : Thayers Witch Hazel Lemon
Razor : Rockwell 6S-R3 w/Zaza Blade (3rd use)

Getting to the samples I bought from Don.
This evening’s soap is Himitsu and I have to say, this soap smells great!

What really jumps out at you is the sweet lemon and patchouli, the saffron only the barest of hint, and the red rose to me was more like rose wood which is a good thing, wife thought it reminded her (so did I) of one of those old onsen ryokens (hot spring inns) in Hokaido where you walk in and the room smells of old rose wood furniture and fresh lemon.

Very soothing, very uplifting.

Its definitely going onto my to buy list.
Its the one that both the wife and I liked the best (the others are no slouches) but, … happy wife, happy life! šŸ˜

Zaza blade on third use, 2 pass, WTG & ATG with cleanup.
Again, “I wana touch myself” Glass BBS.
Lets see if the blade hold up for tomorrow morning’s 4th use.

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