Shave of the day, 21st May 2019 : Razorock, Son of Zeus

Bowl : Vikings Blade Grand Chairman
Brush : Frank Shaving Silvertip Badger
Preshave : Prep
Soap : Razorock Son of Zeus
Post shave :  Razorock Son of Zeus aftershave splash, Hermes Terre d’Hermes
Razor: Razorock SLOC w/Derby Extra Blade

I was actually midway in prep for the shave before my dinner meet (friends and co-workers) and was going to use Proraso Green when the mailman came knocking.
Luckily, son was on hand to get the box and it was “hit reset!” time.

So the actual shave; Razorock’s Son of Zeus soap and AS, Razorock’s SLOC shaver and of course I had to pair it all with the scent that inspired the soap, Hermes’s Terre d’Hermes.

The razor is actually damn good. Great feedback, glass BBS with 3 pass and a little cleanup around my usual problem spots. No nicks, feels very smooth, like its a very mild razor but took off my stubborn stubble like its a Parker.
The best part, its crazy cheap. Under USD$20.

The soap and AS, smells awesome and spot on. Off the puck, leaving it open, the scent will start to fill your bathroom. Once you lather and it goes on your face though is where the scent blooms and punches you in nose.
Soap’s performance is good but not great, though it might have been my rush to lather, it didn’t have the post shave slickness that I am used to with other artisan soaps but that’s just me nick picking as it does have post shave slickness, just not what I am accustomed to (PAA’s CK-6 stuff).
Where it does shine is the scent.
If you like or love Hermes’s Terre d’Hermes, you’ll love this.

Shave of the day, 20th May 2019 : Green Vetiver

Brush : Frank Shaving Silvertip Badger
Preshave : Prep
Soap : Fine’s Green Vetiver
(Inspired by Guerlain’s Vetiver)
Post shave : Brut Original, Guerlain Vetiver
(last of my old formulation, Hoping Guerlain reformulates again before this bottle run out)
Razor : Rockwell 6S w/Derby Extra Blade

Was in the mood for some Vetiver and the quintessential vetiver scent inspired by the original Guerlain release. Still have one bottle of the old formulation but this is my last. Should have bought more when I had the chance. The new ones (in silver box, liquid looks lighter greenish yellow) has a brighter citrus notes but doesn’t last long, about 4-5 hours while the old ones had an early citrus spark but dries down to that darker vetiver scent, last 6-9 hours. (though sometimes I get home 10+hours later and I still get a whiff of the old vetiver)

As for the shave itself, Fine Accouterments’s tallow soaps are as always good even in hard water and they have one heck of a post shave slickness and feel. Awesome stuff.
Throw in the classic post shave scents and you’d be ready to face the day like the men, real men, of a golden age gone by.

Shave of the day, 19th May 2019 : Gaelic Tweed (Mentholated)

Bowl : Vikings Blade Grand Chairman
Brush : Phoenix Artisan Accouterments’s Atomic Rocket
Preshave : Prep, Salt Grinder with Menthol Crystals
Soap and postshave : Wet Shaving Products’s Gaelic Tweed, matching Aftershave splash and EDP

Razor : Rockwell 6S R3 w/Derby Extra Blade

Gotta love Green Irish Tweed and the uncountable inspired by scents that it has spawned since it’s release. Gaelic Tweed is one of those that while not the real thing, is pretty damn close. Just glad that I don’t have to spend almost $400 to buy GIT now.
Being a better then average shaving soap is just icing on top.
Adding menthol, even better.

Shave of the day, 18th May 2019 : Proraso Cypress and Vetyver

Brush : Frank Shaving Silvertip badgers
Bowl : Vikings Blade Grand Chairman
Preshave, Soap and Post Shave : Proraso Pro Cypress and Vetyver
Razor : The Razorine w/Derby Extra Blade

Been awhile since I used the shavette. So woke up 30mins earlier so I can take my time to shave before work.
The things we do for the things we love. 🙂

Have to say though, while I love the Razorine as a shavette, there are little things with it that annoys me that more often then not, I choose to use my DE safeties over it. But it’s the best I have that comes close to a straight edge without buying a straight edge and the shaves with it are freaking awesome.
Glass BBS every time.

Proraso, at least makes this really awesome line for people who use straight edges or use Shavettes. Anyone who has use them know just how much this soap helps in giving your face that glide and protection and being Proraso it’s scented well as well. Too bad I can only get the balm shipped at the time I bought these. I’ll need to see if I can get the AS and cologne. 🙂

Shave of the day, 17th May 2019 : Al Fin

Brush : PAA’s Atomic Rocket
Preshave : Prep
Soap and Post Shave : PAA’s Al Fin, matching aftershave and Cologne and Mentholated Mysterium Serum
Razor : Vikings Blade The Emperor Augustus w/Derby Extras Blade

Al Fin is probably the first true PAA scent that I really fell in love with.
While I love Bayrum, Cold Spice, Tweed! and their other scents that brings back memories because they are based on familiar counterparts.
Al Fin was PAA’s first unique scent I bought that I went “WTF is this?!” in a good way.
Its definitely a line that I hope would never be discontinued.

Shave of the day, 16th May 2019 : Even Colder Spices!

Bowl : Viking’s Blade Grand Chairman
Brush : Phoenix Artisan Accouterments’s Atomic Rocket
Preshave : Prep , Salt Grinder with Menthol Crystals
Soap and Post Shave : Phoenix Artisan Accouterments’s Cold Spices
Razor : Rockwell 6S w/Feather Blade

When cold spices is just not cold enough, Colder Spices!

Back to work and nothing like going to work smelling old school, though I don’t know of anyone using this scent anymore so who knows, maybe no one will recognize it.

Still debating on whether I want to splash on the original EDT, I have less then half a bottle of that left.
At least PAA’s AS&C is as close to the original as I can tell, closer then the “new” old spice P&G puts out, so when I run out eventually, I can at least get PAA’s stuff as stand ins.
Its a shame though, loosing that Shulton scent forever.

Shave of the day, 15th May 2019 : Bluebeard’s Revenge

Brush : Frank Shaving Silvertip Badger
Bowl : Vikings Blade Grand Chairman
Preshave : Prep
Soap and Post Shave : Bluebeard’s revenge
Razor : Vikings Blade The Emperor Augustus w/Rapira SSS blade

Back from my Malaysia trip and boy, I thought trying to get shaving supplies in Singapore was bad, hooooo boy, Malaysia with the exception of Kuala Lumpur, you just can’t get anything other then Gillette’s cartridges. Not even aftershaves since the population being mostly Muslims (alcohol avoidance even in cosmetics) no one stocks anything I want to use.

Good to be home and having access to my meager range of stuff that makes shaving a joy.

Shave of the day, 11th May 2019 : Mentholated Solstice

Brush : PAA Atomic Rocket
Preshave : Prep, salt grinder with menthol crystals
Soap and Post Shave : PAA’s Solstice and matching AS cologne, Mysterium Serum
Razor : Rockwell 6S R4 w/Rapira SSS blades

Last shave at home, going out of the country for a bit so will be using my travel kit.
But for today, menthol makes everything better!
Already love this soap for the scent, which is earthy and herbal medicinal, and when you add that cool feel of menthol as the lather hits your face… Hhhhhnnnnngggggggg!

Shave of the day, 10th May 2019 : The Village Soapsmith Old Spice

Brush : Frank Shaving Silvertip Badger
Soap : The Village Soapsmith Old Spice Shaving Soap
Post Shave : PG Original scent (right…) AS and True Shulton Original EDT (33+ years old)
Razor : Rockwell 6S R4 w/Lord Platinum Blade

Today’s shave is without anything that would interfere with the soap’s scent base, so no menthol, Prep and used a new blade. Soap and blade first time use so this will be interesting.

Broke out the old, Old Spice to compare and refresh my scent memory, unfortunately I no longer have the true Original Shulton AS but again the P&G version is used for comparison against the true formula.
Looking at the bottle by P&G, goddamn you guys, on one hand I am glad that I can easily tell its the “new” old spice, on the other, you guys just had to make it look ugly didn’t you?

The scent of the soap is surprisingly close, even though lacking that spiciness that the EDT had, mainly lighter on nutmeg, star anise and cinnamon and I can understand why as soaps and AS are now made to be more gentler to the skin but as far as an old spice scented soap goes, this is very close, minus the heavier spice notes and a good shaving soap to boot.

The soap itself performed well, lathering very easily and goes onto the face easy stayed lathered without dissipating and has good post shave slickness. Its a soft puck so the puck is malleable and you can pack it into any container. Its large though, so it wont fit into an apothecary mug without a little work.
I just use a plastic airtight bowl.

I still favor PAA’s Cold Spice though as it has a more aromatic punch.

But if you want to support little old ladies and local craftsmans, this is not a bad buy at US$11.60 =/-
She’s out of stock at the moment (as of the time writing this) but you can check it out if you want.

The Lord’s Platinum blades are pretty good. Smooth and sharp, I’d say compare them to Astra Greens / Gillette Nacet.
I’ll need to see how long each blade last.

Shave of the day, 8th May 2019 : Mentholated Bay Rum!

Brush : PAA Atomic Rocket
Preshave : Prep
Soap and Post Shave : PAA Atomic Age Bay Rum (with menthol crystal dust!), Aftershave splash cologne and Mysterium Serum
Weapon of choice : Rockwell 6S w/Rapira SS Blades

What’s better then a Bay Rum shave? A mentholated Bay Rum shave!
To be fair, Douglas from PAA came up with the idea, and I took and ran with it, grabbed an old salt grinder, threw in some menthol crystals and experimented a little.
(there is such a thing as too much menthol!)

Some soaps may need more soap to lather properly if your pre-lather mix water has a high enough concentration of menthol (was only a few twists on fine grind but the strength of the smell of menthol told me it was going to be a dozy! Trust me, DO NOT do 6+ twists ) so be warned, results will vary depending on soap and water.

But I have already tested with PAA’s soaps and no, I didn’t go crazy and crank in enough menthol to give me frost bite.
Needless to say, this morning shave was awesome!
Even more so when you rinse off with cold water on a freshly mentholated face!

Anyone else who wants to try this. You’ll need an salt / pepper grinder.
A shaving bowl
An Airtight box that can fit in one of those thirsty hippo moisture grabbers inside along with the grinder to store your grinder without your crystals evaporating or worse, get wet in the shaving den / bathroom environment.

Or … just buy one of the crazy menthol heavy soaps and use Bay Rum Aftershave. 🙂