Shave of the day, 2nd June 2021, Proraso Wood and Spice + New Derby Extra Blades

Pre-Shave : Cold Shower, PAA Cube, Proraso Wood and Spice Pre-Shave
Bowl : Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl
Brush : Oumo 24mm ACE SHD Dual Band Badger
Soap : Proraso Wood and Spice Shaving Cream
Razor : Tatara (Zero Zero Masamune) Masamune Base + Nodachi Cap + Standard RR SS UFO Handle w/Derby Extra (Blue – *New*)
Post Shave : 2nd Cold Shower, Proraso Wood and Spice Beard Balm and Aftershave Balm
Others : Cartier Declaration EDT

Everyone likes to dunk on Derby blades, rightly so if they are thinking of Derby Extra (Green), though there are worst blades and the Greens are still more than useable.

The problem is, there are more than just the one most are familiar with, Derby Extra (Green), that their other blades gets a pass.
And for the most part, I think much to the shaver’s loss.

Derby USTAs were prior to this, was the best buy for me, YMMV, as I thought them having almost as good an edge while being as smooth a blade as their much pricier Premium Blades, however with the new Derby Extra (Blue) I have changed my mind.

I managed to find some blues to try and they are relatively cheap (USD$13 (SG$16.90) for 200s here) and got a tuck to try.

I was blown away with how smooth and sharp the blade is on my first shave.
Using my “Defacto Razor” when I want to test a blade, my Zero Zero Tatara configuration, I’d easily put that first shave with this blade in the same ball park as if I used a Nacet or Super Iridium and definitely blows Feathers out of the water with how smooth the shave felt.

Will need to test out more but my first impression with the blade is, this is a definite winner.
Now only time will tell if they have any longevity and if they will perform in other razors.

As for the shave itself, today is definitely a treat for the nose.
Proraso’s Wood and Spice smells fantastic, and paired with an old (1998) EDT release by Cartier, Declaration with its Bitter and Sweet Orange, Ginger and Cardamom, Iris and Jasmine, Cedar and Vetiver (there are more notes in the accord of course, but these are the ones that popped out at me) I’m smelling fantastic.

Now to enjoy the off day and catch up on video games and stuff.

Stay safe
Stay sane
Stay happy

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