Shave of the day, 28th April 2021, PAA Al Fin (and a short Story)

Pre-Shave : Shower, PAA Cube
Brush : PAA Amber Aerolite
Soap : PAA Al Fin
Razor : PAA Meta4 w/Feather Blade
Post Shave : PAA Al Fin Star Jelly Aftershave and Aftershave Cologne
Others : PAA Al Fin Deodorant, Solid Colonge and EDP

It has been a while and of all my “fresh” scents, Al Fin is still one of, if not my #1 all time favorite.
And yes, its a Full Monty Shave baby!

Rose, Bay Leaf, Lemon Myrtle, Vetiver, White Clover, Cypress, Helichrysum ,  Ambrette, Geranium and Tobacco Absolute

The blend of notes makes for a very unique, fresh and beautiful scent, a blend of contrasts if you will.

“The Quest”

The man woke with a start, awakened that haunting melody he heard in his dreams.
No, he could still hear that wordless song, melodious but sad, yearning.
Without even putting on his shoes, or changing his clothes, he moved towards that sound.

Stepping out of the house, into the Florida night, the usual sounds of insects and night creatures were strangely absent, as if all were silent, listening to that voice, calling out for someone, anyone to come.

Without thought he walked, further into the woods, towards the banks of the river.
And there he saw her.
He rubbed his eyes, for there on the banks, looked to be a naked girl no older than his own daughter, with only her hair covering her ample chest.
She smiled.
And still she sang, and he was yet drawn towards her, towards her voice.

She beckoned wordlessly, still singing, with a wave of her hand, to indicate that he should sit with her.
With his eyes now half closed, his mind lulled by the song, halfway between reality and a dream he sat with her.
Her scent, fresh as the morning dew, sweet as blooming roses filled his nostrils, heady, bright but with an edge.
He could feel her lips next to his ear, humming that song.
Then it stopped and he heard her voice speaking to him for the first time, his mind desperately grasping at her words before he felt a blackness swallow him and felt himself falling, falling, falling.


The next day, in a tiny side story in the Orlando Sentinel, an article with the blurb “Sleepwalking Florida man almost drowns” tells a story of a Florida Man found at the riverbank delirious and only in his underwear repeating words like a mantra “Must find Douglas. Must find Sister Otra”
“We never had a sister, and I don’t know who this Douglas character is.” Said the man’s brother.


Stay safe
Stay sane
Stay happy

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