Shave of the day, 27th April 2021, Van Yulay Gaia

Pre-Shave : Shower, PAA Cube Face Wash
Brush : PAA Peregrino
Soap : Van Yulay Gaia
Razor : Leaf Twig w/Treet Black Beauties
Post Shave : Van Yulay Gaia Aftershave Splash Mentholated

Wanted, maybe needed a shave that’s clean and fresh as Mommy Earth, Gaia.

This soap’s accords is too long and complex, I think Monica mentioned it has a ton of scent notes in its accord. You have earth, greens, florals, ozone, aquatic, the works.
And while label art do inspire the mind’s eye, it is an apt description of the scent.

A gust of wind sweeping down (Mentholate if you want that cold mountain rain filled wind feel and scent of ozone), bringing rain and life, wet earth fills the air, flora bloom and cast their scent out back into the wind and all the while, greens sprout and cast their growing arms wide open, and with it, a freshness you can feel.

I don’t use this soap as often (I should), I am not a fan of anything that has soil / dirt in its notes, but here its just one note in a sea of scents.

It is also one of Van Yulay’s by default Tallow soaps. Brush was loaded from the tub and face lathered.
Lather itself is a thick, butter cream type lather, it is a little thirsty, but has a narrower threshold for water, add a little at a time till you get the glide and cushioning you want.

I prefer it a little thick and this didn’t dissapoint.
More importantly, post shave feel with the soap is excellent.

All in all, I had a great shave. And smelling great, even with a little dirt in it. đŸ˜‹

Stay safe
Stay sane
Stay happy

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