An American Shave (Blades) : 24th April 2021, A tale of 5 Shaves

Saw these at Mustafa’s and they were selling these both by the Tuck and stack of 100s.
Each tuck carry 5 blades.
Price is S$0.60 for a tuck or S$10.00 for 100 (20 tucks) which is roughly US$0.45 and US$7.54 respectively
Decided to try a tuck just to see if it’s worth getting a hundred.

Using a new blade for each day’s shave. (2 shaves a day)

Shave Day 1:

First Shave was with the Rockwell 6S-R4 as it is the standard that I judge other shaves by.
Blade wasn’t as smooth as I liked, and definitely not as sharp as I prefer, having to have to go over my trouble spots several times as the blade didn’t seem to want to give me that close BBS that I am used to.

Even caught myself pressing down a little more than I should.

Shave Day 2 :

Went with the Model-T -R4 / R5
This time I went with something that has just a tad more blade exposure compared to the 6S.

On R4 the shave was better but still didn’t feel as smooth though this time the shaves were cleaner and I had to go over the usual problem areas less to get that skin smooth BBS.
2nd Shave with the Model-T I went R5 and it felt rough and almost nicked myself.

Actually I had a micro-nick where you can see the line where the skin parted where nick would have been but no blood letting as the again, I think I fell to temptation and pressed down more than I should.

Did get that true BBS though but I did not quite enjoy the shaves.

Shave Day 3

Went with the Parker Variant this time. At setting 3.5 / 4 this guy is significantly more aggressively blade forward compared to the Model T with roughly the same gap geometry.

Now we are getting somewhere.
Very close shaves but the shave is still not as smooth as I hoped it to be with at times what seems to me, more tugging then with the previous shaves.

Shave Day 4 :

Bringing out the big guns now, and to date, the best experience so far of the 4 shaves.
The Tatara Nodachi (Std) with its 0.13mm positive exposure along with its 0.90mm gap took no nonsense from the blade.
Shaves were extremely close, but still a little tuggish when you hit problem areas.
Usually with a Bic / Nacet / Feather blade, this razor just cuts growth off like a red hot knife on butter with as little resistance.
With this blade, it wasn’t as smooth.

Shave Day 5 :

And finally, the one razor that this blade performed well enough in. PAA’s Copper Ascension.
Not sure if it is because of how close the blade is to the skin or if the additional buffing layer of lather helped but with the Ascension, the blade performed better than when used in the other razors.

BBS close shave, slight but not uncomfortable tugging.

And yes, one more artisan puck bites the dust.
Final use of WTF’s Grey’s Vetiver Tallow Puck went into the bowl to be lathered and as you can see from the lather porn, it was a glorious last run indeed.
Got to love that firmer, creamy lather you get from Tallow.

Conclusion :
Blades are very YMMV so what I experience might not be the same for you.
Having said that, this blade felt a lot like Derby Extras (Green box) and at times a little less sharp and less smooth at the same time.

But as we see in the above, blades also performs differently in different razors.
Always buy a tuck before you buy 100 if you can, and always try them in different razors.

Also, I think it was mentioned that though this is a US made blade its oddly enough exported to be sold in Singapore of all places.

My take is that its meant for “young man’s peach fuzz” or the thinner “Asian whiskers”.
Unfortunately, my old man’s thick barbed wire and my mixed heritage might have more than this blade was designed to handle.

Stay safe
Stay sane
Stay happy

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