Shave of the day, 21st January 2021, PAA Atomic Age Bay Rum + (A Do Not Buy advisory against the Fat Guy)

  • Pre-Shave : Shower, PAA Ice Cube
  • Brush : PAA Amber Aerolite Synthetic
  • Soap : PAA Atomic Age Bay Rum
  • Razor : Global Shave Club Fat Guy w/Bic Chrome Platinum
  • Post Shave : PAA Atomic Age Bay Rum Cologne Aftershave

Discloser : I had the razor for a few days and my initial impression was good. Until after several days of use and I experimented beyond what I’d normally set my razors to (mid-mild) and noticed mechanical flaws. I cannot in good conscience recommend this razor to anyone. This is a bought razor that I will write off as a loss as it would be too much trouble for me to try to get a refund and shipping this back to the US from Singapore.
I am tempted to do a charge back to be honest.

We’ll start with what went right :

To start I didn’t have any blade alignment problems initially, just pop in the blade and from the top down view you can see its fairly well balanced.
The blade balance from settings 1 (no body is going to use this unless you are shaving your privates) to 4 looks good and shave characteristics from 1-3 were very smooth, with setting 4 starting to give that hint of blade as it turns into the more aggressive settings.

Now, my preference has been to use a mild / mid-mild razor with a sharp blade so for a few days I have never gone past 4, getting to learn how the razor handled and to be fair right up to this point, it performed admirably.
I liked it quite a bit.

However things took a turn for the worse once I started to experiment with the higher settings and I can see why some people might not have noticed anything wrong with the razor (or noticed right away) until they set the razor to 5 and above.

Starting from setting 5 you might get a mixed shave feel depending on which side of the razor is in contact to your face. The reason is the horizontal balance starts to go out of whack.
While it is not as noticeable on 5, it’s very obvious on 9.
One side of the razor has much more gap than the other.
This will lead to a vey uneven shave and possibly resulting in nicks, cuts, weepers and a creepers.

I’ll just add that the feel of the mechanism itself, when you open the doors / adjust the aggression, felt “cheap” in layman’s terms. Or if you are an engineer, it felt like it had very shoddy tolerances.

To put it bluntly, of all the adjustable TTOs I own, it felt the “cheapest” with even the Weishi Nostalgic, a made in China ($34) razor, felt, handled and had a more consistent adjustment mechanism over the Fat Guy.
For $89 (and now 3 figures) this is not a good buy with these issues.

To be fair though, the Weishi in my mind is the best buy for an adjustable TTO due to its balance in price, quality and most importantly quality of the shaves it gives.

But if you are happy to use a $89++ razor that you don’t go higher than setting 4, more power to you.

Stay safe
Stay sane
Stay happy

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