Shave of the day, 29th November 2020, Wet The Face Grey’s Vetiver

  • Pre-Shave : Shower, PAA Cube
  • Brush : Oumo 24mm ACE SHD Dual Band Manchurian Badger
  • Soap : WTF Grey’s Vetiver (Tallow Hard Puck)
  • Razor : PAA Copper Ascension Twist Adjustable Double Open Comb w/SuperMax Diamond Edge Blade
  • Post Shave : WTF Grey’s Vetiver After Shave
  • Others : Tom Ford Grey Vetiver EDP

Some scents are universal. You can use it in Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, in the office, at the gym or just chilling at home. Smelling great at all times, anytime.
Tom Ford’s Grey Vetiver to me is one such.
Citrus, spice, amber, oakmoss and vetiver makes for a very heady, very timeless scent that you can enjoy no mater where you are, at anytime.

And yes, I’m using the WTF Tallow Puck. Don do have them but not for all his scents which is a pity as I do enjoy these slightly more. If you want these, get them while he still has them.

Went with the CATA-DOC and the Super Max Diamon Edge, one of my “Feather Alternatives” and the combo performed flawlessly, taking growth off like its not there. Hardly any blade feel as you buff and shave by audio feedback. You’ll know when there’s hardly anything left to take off.

Perfect, true glass BBS.
Feeling and smelling fantastic.
Stay safe
stay sane
Stay happy

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