Shave of the day, 24th November 2020, Ginger’s Garden Floid Type

  • Pre-Shave : Shower, PAA Cube
  • Brush : Oumo 24mm ACE SHD Dual Band Manchurian Badger
  • Soap : Ginger’s Garden Floid Type
  • Razor : Tatara Nodachi + RR’s SS UFO Handle w/Bic Chrome Platinum
  • Post Shave : Epsilon Blue Aftershave
  • Others : Menthol in salt grinder

Got this one some time ago, scent is a very reproduction to Floid Blue, though that citrus / citronella does pop up quite sharply.
Adding menthol tones down the citrus / citronella note a little and makes it closer to the Original Blue Spice scent of Floid Blue (I still think that there is a floral mint-spice note that’s missing / weak) and that menthol hit makes for a better shave.
YMMV of couse.

Going with the Nodachi with the TSOA for a work day shave today, for that no nonsense, true glass, “I keep touching myself” BBS shave.
Just a tad more blade feel but still feels fantastically smooth. And the blade just mows down growth with very little resistance, just a tiny bump and its clear smooth skin.

Stay safe
Stay sane
Stay happy

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