Shave of the day, 28th October 2020, WSP Gaelic Tweed

  • Pre-Shave : Shower, PAA Cube
  • Brush : Oumo 24mm ACE SHD Dual Band Manchurian Badger
  • Soap : WSP Rustic Shaving Soap Gaelic Tweed
  • Razor : Tatara Nodachi Base + Masamune Cap w/Feather Blade
  • Post Shave : WSP Gaelic Tweed Aftersave Tonic w/Menthol

Oh man! I haven’t used this one in a while and I’m reminded why I wanted to get more WSP stuff the moment I opened the tin. Scent on this soap and especially the AS is awesome and so spot on.

Creed’s Green Irish Tweed was my first niche scent that I bought as a young man, looking to impress and wore the heck out of it.
Now, decades later, while I no longer buy GIT, or at least Creed’s GIT, I still love that beautiful, elegant mix of fresh and green notes that GIT brings to the table.

I might have loaded a little heavier than I needed though, I forgot that WSP’s soaps generates a huge amount of thick, slick, heavy bodied lather with just a few swirls, and I think I went with a 25-30 swirl load. Probably only needed 12 or so.
Soap is really thirsty, and I had to add water about 4 times ( about 4 teaspoons worth) to the face lather before the lather went from thick paste to yogurt cream.
Like I said, I think I loaded a little too heavy. 🙂

Chose to go with the Tatara Gentle Nodachi today, along with a Feather Blade (4) that is starting to feel a little near the end of its life. I could extend it if I chose to strop it but I think I’ll recycle it after this shave.

I am always torn between the two Tatara configurations. The Gentle Nodachi is far smoother than the default but retains its extremely efficient shave characteristics while the Zero Zero Masamune offers the perfect balance of smooth, mild yet efficient shaves.
Both are fantastic and even months of using both I don’t think I can choose which is the better.
I guess the whichever one that I have the mood for at that point of time.

Perfect, true glass “I keep touching myself” zero irritation BBS shave.

Stay safe
Stay sane
Stay happy

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