Shave of the day, 22nd October 2020, A Thayer’s Gentlemen Shave

  • Pre-Shave : Shower, PAA Cube
  • Soap : Thayer’s Gentlemen Shave Cream
  • Razor : Blackland Vector w/Feather Pro Guard
  • Post shave : Thayer’s Lavender Witch Hazel, Thayer’s Gentlemen Aftershave Balm

This was a rather quick and easy shave.
Face washed with the Cube, used about a fingernail sized amount of the brushless, latherless cream and just worked it on the prepped and wet face, leaving a thin layer of slickness to shave with.
My guess is that if you have more growth you’ll need a little more cream but since I only have the night’s stubble, a fingernail’s dollop was more than enough.

The Vector just made it even easier. One application, WTG, XTG, ATG and clean up all done without any rinsing out. Just a wet hand to keep areas you want to go over rehydrated and slick.

Finished up with witch hazel toning and balm, thought that balm is really more lotion and went on easy, absorbed fast leaving the skin feeling very refreshed and hydrated.

Quickest, easiest BBS shave ever.

Stay safe
Stay sane
Stay happy

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