Shave of the day, 30th August : Green Vetiver (Part 7 of A Series of Scents)

Still on the Vetiver trail, this time, it’s the “other vetiver”.
If Tom Ford’s Vetiver was the roguish young master, Guerlain’s Vetiver would have been the grand head of the household.
Born in 1959, today, as we move towards 2020, he’s the old master, left alone and mostly forgotten, and while his influence is still seen in many of his progeny, his days are almost done.
And that’s a sad thing.

I love this scent.
Love that old school more robust, natural, less flighty scent.
Simple and straightforward.
Strong old Indian vetiver, good dark tobacco, nutmeg, citrus, cedar and spices, amber (pretty sure I am missing a few notes) made this one of the goto scents for a long time.
When you smell of it, you think of men like J. F. Kenedy, maybe Sean Connery, Men of strength, of character, but of an age gone by.

Fine’s take on the old Guerlain scent is a good effort. Not 100% of course, no soap will ever be, and Fine’s Green Vetiver is no different, missing a number of notes, most notably of spice, a little weak on the tobacco and I can’t detect any amber but its definitely good enough setting the table up for a great shave.
Layering on with Guerlain’s EDT will complete it.

Glass BBS shave, feeling great and an awesome start to the day.

  • Bowl : Van Yulay Resin
  • Brush : Friendship Shaving’s Macy Dual Band Manchurian by Frank Shaving
  • Soap : Fine’s Green Vetiver
  • Razor : Rockwell 6S-R4 w/Bic Platinum Blade (3)
  • Post Shave : Fines’ Green Vetiver Aftershave, Prep
  • Others : Guerlain Vetiver EDT

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