Evening shave, 27th August 2019, TOBS Platinum and a little experiment

So I did a thing.
Went to the hardware store, got a few things and modified the bowl to see if I can make a lather generation monster.

Plastic mesh and some expoxy. Unfortunately I didn’t pay attention and didn’t check if the epoxy was the clear type and it wasn’t.
Still, this was more of an experiment to see if the concept would work.

Results :

This took exactly 42.69 secs to get. Yes, I timed it.
I can use this bowl as is, though I am going to go get another bowl and this time, clear epoxy. 🤣

And oh yeah, Glass BBS Shave, Blade started to leave micro stubble behind on passes that needed clean up passes so at least 4 good runs, more if I am willing to put up with a dulling blade.
Not bad, pretty much my standard.

  • Bowl : Modified 6.25″ Soup Bowl
  • Brush : Oumo SHD Silvertip Badger
  • Pre-shave : Shower, TOBS Pre-Shave Oil
  • Soap TOBS Platinum Collection
  • Post Shave : TOBS Sandalwood Aftershave Lotion
  • Razor : Rockwell 6S-R4 w/Lord Platinum (4)

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