Shave of the day, 26th August 2019 : Gaelic Tweed (Part 3 of A Series of Scents)

And yes, still on the theme of smelling good after your shave.

Today’s shave is the quintessential of all fougere scents, Creed’s Green Irish Tweed, and yes I am using another Al Haramain juice that does not cost an arm and a leg (US$35-ish – 100ml, Creed GIT is about US$250-$300+/- for 100ml) it freaking performs without smelling “cheap”, 1-1.5 hours of initial projection and sillage burst, 3-4 hours of personal space bubble projection and sillage, 2-3 more hours as a skin scent.

As for WSP, its shave performance is already god tier, adding to that, the scent is bang on and a very accurate reproduction of the GIT scent, layering this on just builds that foundation for a great smelling day.

Glass “I keep touching myself” BBS shave.
Feel great, smell great, rock the world!

  • Bowl : 6.25″ soup bowl
  • Brush : Oumo SHD Silver Tip Badgers
  • Pre-Shave : Hot Shower, PAA’s The Cube
  • Soap : WSP Gaelic Tweed (Green Irish Tweed)
  • Post Shave : WSP Gaelic Tweed Aftershave and Balm
  • Razor : Rockwell 6S-R4 w/Lord Platinum Blade
  • Others : Al Haramain L’Aventure Knight (Green Irish Tweed Clone. FYI, I do have WSP’s Gaelic Tweed EDP which is also a damn good GIT clone)

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