Evening Shave, 21st August 2019 : Alchemy

Bowl : 6.25′ Soup bowl
Brush : Oumo SHD Silvertip Badger
Pre-Shave : Razorock Lime Shave Oil
Soap : Razorock Alchemy
Post Shave : Razorock Alchemy Aftershave , Prep
Razor : PAA’s Copper DOC w/Derby Extra Blade (1)

Decided to just use up all my shave oils since I have quite a few, so using them liberally. Going forward its either PAA’s Cube (Mentholated) or Coconut Oil.

PAA’s DOC even with Derby Extras still mowed stubble like hot knife on butter. I did give the razor a quarter turn slack, and gave it a little more aggression.
Results are glass BBS in a hurry.

I was expecting some irritation and had prep ready but it was clean and irritation free.
Still used a little Prep just because.
Prep is awesome. 😄

Nothing like a clean BBS shave for the evening. Wife likes a smooth face. Happy wife, happy life.

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