Evening shave, 20th August 2019 : (mail call) Heller Highwater

Scent notes as described by the artisan :
Cedar, Fir, Herbs, Leather and a touch of Musk.

Heller Highwater comes as a five ounce offering so it’s packed right to the brim, its going to last you awhile.
Soap performance is as expected, really good slickness, good residual and post shave.

Scent is very a resinous combination of cedar and fir with the leather and musk firmly anchoring the woods. I am not sure what herbs Irena used, I want to say balsam or maybe black tea but whatever it is, it blended with the other scents to create what I could have sworn is a hint of gunpowder that is thrown into the mix as well. There’s that smoky, almost burnt scent that you can just catch hovering at the edges.

“If you close your eyes as you build a lather, you will sure hear the rebel yell from Heller Highwater’s men charging as they take their last stand. “

No kidding.
With that scent, I can imagine that.
For myself, my own scent imagery is that of a whole bunch of young men awaiting their turn at the range in a forested area, firing off hundreds of rounds in training, cleaning their M16s.
Good times.

Swapped out the R3 plate for the R4 plate and that did the trick for the Derby Extra blades and I got the BBS shave that I wanted.
I have said this before but the Rockwell 6C/S series razors are worth every cent you spent on it and then some. Being able to swap plates changes the way it works and can compensate for different blades to suit how it behaves for different people.

Brush : Oumo SHD Silvertip Badger
Soap : Ginger’s Garden Tallow Heller Highwater
Post shave : Ginger’s Garden Heller Highwater Balm
Razor : Rockwell 6S-R4 w/Derby Extra (2)
Others : Ginger’s Garden Heller Highwater Solid Perfume

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