Evening Shave 19th August 2019 : Bayrum and the curious case of YMMV

Bowl : 6.5′ soup bowl
Brush : Oumo SHD Silvertip Badger
Pre-shave : Shower
Soap : The Village Soapsmith’s Bayrum
Post Shave : Shower, Gabbel’s Bay Rum
Razor : PAA’s Copper DOC w/Rockwell Blade (8)

This evening shave more then anything drives home that in wet shaving, the saying “Your Mileage May Vary” holds true.

Go online and read reviews of Rockwell Razors and you get nothing but praise for the most part, but reviews for their blades, not so much. Usually you’ll see more negatives than positives, Rockwell blades have the unfortunate reputation of not being sharp, tugging, and or leaving the user with razor burns. But also, you’ll notice that most of these reviews are not new, some dating a year or two ago.

So while I had a bunch of these (100s that came with the razor pakage) I never bothered to use them long term, usually just treating each blade as a day blade or one time use blade and just chuck them without really caring if they lasted long or able to keep their edge.

That is, until almost a week ago when I decided to just use one in an endurance test just to see how long the blade will last / give me clean shave.
Today marks the 8th use of the blade. Still gave me a clean BBS shave and no irritation. The edge finally starting to go as it left the odd micro stubble around my usual trouble spots that fresh sharp blades takes off easily. That is to say, I had to do an extra pass and clean up to get that glass BBS on the 8th shave with the blade.

To be fair, I could probably push this blade for a few more uses. 10-12 use is not unthinkable. This is comparing to say 6-8 (max) uses from Feathers and Bics, 4-6 uses from Derby Premiums and most other blades which makes the Rockwell a fairly good blade in my book.
It is definitely not the sharpest or smoothest by any measure but it is sharp enough, and smooth enough blade that lasted a long time.
I would imagine shavers with thinner, less wiry growth than mine (peach fuzz) would definitely find the edge holding out easily for two or more weeks assuming they shave once a day.

I’d recommend you try some if you can get a sample pack. See if it works well with your shaver. Used this blade on both the Rockwell 6S and PAA’s Copper DOC.
As with all things wet shaving, YMMV.

Glass BBS shave, no irritation, minor additional clean up pass.

3 thoughts on “Evening Shave 19th August 2019 : Bayrum and the curious case of YMMV

  1. I agree with your assessment of Rockwell blades; in every razor I’ve tried them, they have delivered performance at least on par with other blades I’ve enjoyed (Perma-Sharp, Gillette Silver Blue, Personna), and with a longevity that outperforms others (Rapira Super Stainless, Voskhod, SuperMax, et al).
    I’ve gotten to the point where I basically ignore reviews or other peoples’ opinions of blades and blade brands. YMMV rules the day there, apparently. 🙂

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    1. I personally think that blade reviews can be colored by expectations of based on previous reviews. Xxxx said they are bad, and people who don’t want to contradict someone in the community parrots that same thing even though their own experiences say otherwise.


      1. Heh. Welcome to why I made my own wetshaving blog rather than participate much in any of the communities online that are out there. They turn into echo chambers and are often not very welcoming of objective observations or opinions that disrupt the herd.

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