Shave of the day, 25th June 2019 : Vetiver! (and a closer look at the Razorock MJ-90A)

Brush : Phoenix Artisan Accouterments’s Atomic Rocket
Soap : Fine’s Green Vetiver
Post Shave : Fine’s Green Vetiver After Shave, Prep and Guerlain’s Vetiver
Razor : Razorock MJ-90A
(EDT is of the older stock with the darker, dirtier, woody vetiver, with stronger cedar and tobacco notes compared to the later formula which is more “fresh” citrusy)

Lets start with the Razorock MJ-90A.

It’s a three piece razor with a solid 316L stainless steel handle with both base plate and top cap made from anodized 6061 billet aluminum.
To be honest if when you first handled the top assembly, you’d be forgiven if you thought that they were made out of plastic given how light they feel.
This will unfortunately make the razor feel top light and you might out of instinct want to press down on the head.

Using low tech, essentially a line of sewing thread, and since I don’t have a better quality camera (phone) to take the shot, please excuse the poor focus.
The shaving plane of the razor is nicely aligned with both top guard and safety bar with neutral blade exposure.
Blade angle seems to be slightly more aggressive compared to the Rockwell 6C/S.
Without precision tools I can’t be sure, but I’d say the gap is maybe around 0.6+/-mm?
Razorock rates this as a 6/10 aggression so it mid mild leaning on the high side.

No exposed tabs!
Ear and nostril safe!

And it shaves like a champ.
If you liked the feel of the Edwin Jagger DE89, I’d say that this razor this feels smoother, with no risk of getting your nose or ears getting “tab cut” and is made from materials that aren’t as fragile as the DE89.

A minor nick pick considering how well this razor actually handled, is that I feel that it would have been a perfect razor, had the head assembly also been made out of stainless steel and moved the weight balance towards closer towards the head instead of further down towards the center.

As for the shave itself. The Zaza blades continue to perform amazingly like Kai’s, really, really sharp (Gillette Nacet-ish / almost feathers) and smooth.
Fine’s soaps are top performers, giving amazing protection and glide and the result was a “I keep touching myself” Glass BBS shave with two pass and a cleanup with no cuts, nicks or weepers.

Finishing off with Fine’s aftershave splash and the Perfume scent this soap’s scent was inspired by, Guerlain’s Vetiver, it was one of the better shaves in a long time.

Sharp blades and slick lather!

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