Shave of the day, 16th June 2019 : Proraso White

Bowl : Van Yulay Silicone
Brush : Frank Shaving Silvertip Badger
Preshave, Soap and Post Shave : Proraso White
Razor : Rockwell 6S-R3 w/Croma Blade

Proraso white is Proraso’s answer for people with sensitive skin, it is also very soothing on the skin for those who may have had razor burn. I cannot stress how much I would recommend having this in your den “just in case” for times when you had a bad blade or may have been out in the sun a little too long and you just have to shave that day.

Been using Croma blades recently, giving them an extended use to get a true measure of how they perform for me.
Made in Germany but they are a mixed bag for me. Generally sharp but inconsistent in quality as well as giving that smooth shave. Blades dull after the 2nd or 3rd use and can leave problem spots with tough stubble uncut or not cut as close as you would like. Worse, it also looses its smoothness going from relatively smooth, to giving you micro razor burn. There’s no real discomfort when applying Alum, but if you used an alcohol based aftershave, you will know that a layer of skin was taken off.
This makes Croma blades for me, a 1 day blade. Morning shave, evening shave, CHUCK!
Though as they say in the shaving community, your millage may vary. If you have softer less stubborn growth these blades might keep their edge and stay smoother longer.

So, yeah, I am damn glad I have Proraso white on hand. Made with Oatmeal and green tea extracts it feels really great on a skin that had it rough from a bad blade.

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