Shave of the day, 13th Jun 2019: Proraso Pro Cypress and Vetyver

Bowl : Vikings Blade Grand Chairman
Brush : Percy Nobleman’s Boar
Preshave, Soap and Post shave : Proraso Professional Cypress & Vetyver

Others : Peranakan Oud EDT buffered by a touch of White Musk attar

Was Clearing up and rearranging my shaving stuff when I saw my bundle of old brushes and thought, lets use one of these today. So a soak, a little (actually, a lot of 😂 ) hair conditioner the night before and my old Percy Nobleman Boar brush is ready to go!

I was actually had intended to use my Parker SR1 today but being a work day and I didn’t want to risk an accident, decided to use the SLOC instead.
Say what you will of Proraso but they do make excellent soaps.
I wish their normal line could be as slick as their Professional line but it is what it is.

Gotta love the Pro line’s scents though.
They smell great!

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