29th May 2019, Evening Shave : The Village Soapsmith’s Eucalyptus and Mint + Zaza Blades (Review)

Bowl : Vikings Blade Grand Chairman
Brush : Frank Shaving Silvertip Badger
Soap : The Village Soapsmith Eucalyptus and Mint
Post shave : Brut Original
Razor : Rockwell 6S-R2 w/Zaza Blades

New soap and blades, so again, no preshave or ground menthol to spoil the soap’s performance or effect its scent.

Soap is glycerin based, comes in puck form that you can drop into a mug but I just shaved it and repacked it into a Tupperware that is more or less the size you get when buying shaving creams.

Front loaded with a damp brush and went right to the bowl, the soap is a thirsty soap and it took quite a bit of added water to lather into the yogurt cream we want.

So onto the face and the shave.

The scent is more herbal then menthol-ish, so what you breathe in, can only be described as grassy fresh.
Strength of the soap’s scent is low mild, on a scale of 1-10, its maybe a 3 or 4, not exactly weak, but present.
This is a slick soap and has good post shave slickness, even with your lather cleared by the razor, running your finger across your skin will set it into glide mode, the only caveat is that being a glycerin soap, it does dry out faster then tallow so don’t try to go over a cleared area if you left it drying in the air.
If in doubt, re-lather, add water.
All in all, the soap is a very good performer.

Still had this much lather after 3 passes and a clean up pass from a loaded brush. I didn’t scoop, scraped or otherwise heavily load the soap into the bowl to create the lather, just the amount of soap picked up by a damp (soaked then hard shaken dry) brush.

First time using Zaza blades but have been told that it is sharp and smooth and its first impression impressed me.
It is well packaged, comes in a Red plastic blade box that will hold used blades. They used minimal, if any, wax to hold the blades in the paper wrap, which is a damn good thing. And it performed like a champ.
Its almost as sharp as a feather, taking stubble off easily and very efficiently even on the R2 plate, even around my stubborn trouble spots and I only had to do 1 clean up pass. Face is now a glass “I can’t help but touch myself” BBS smooth.

Actually now that I think about it, considering how smooth it shaved, I’d say its almost a clone of Kai Blades (minus the whole no label on the blade thing that Kai does), but at US13.00 for 100s, that’s almost 1/3 to 1/4 compared to what you have to pay for Kai Blades.

I need to buy more of these. 🙂

Finished up the shave with Brut.
All in all, was a damn good shave.
Sharp blades and Slick lather!

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