Shave of the day, 28th May 2019 : Grey’s Vetiver

Brush : Frank Shaving Silvertip Badger
Soap : Wet The Face’s Grey’s Vetiver in a Frank Shaving Apothecary mug
Post Shave : Wet the Face’s Grey’s Vetiver After shave, Tom Ford’s Grey Vetiver (EDP)
Razor : Razorock SLOC w/Rapira SSS Blade (2nd)

This being a first time shave with a soap and aftershave I have never used, I usually use them naked, with no preshaves to avoid getting contaminating performance results and scent.
The puck itself is a relatively soft puck so it was easy to just push it into the Frank Shaving mug (Still wish the mug had a slightly wider base) and form fit it nicely. And being a tallow puck, opted to do it the old way and just face lather and add water as needed to get the lather to the texture I want after loading the damp brush and going to the face.

It took a little bit of work, its a little thirsty but … look at that yogurty goodness. Had enough there for at least 4 passes (face already lathered).

So how is the soap?

Slickness, glide and post shave slickness is really good as you would expect from a tallow soap.
Even after the blade takes most of the lather off on its pass, you can easily buff or rework an area within reason.
I’ll trust this soap when I shave with the shavette.

All too soon, 3 passes and the clean up is done and my face is glass BBS.
On goes the aftershave which has a low burn. Scent is good, close enough to the real thing, you get the initial spike in scent and the fade into dry down leaving a light hint of the TFGV scent on the skin.
Follow up with layering Tom Ford’s Grey Vetiver of course adds that scent layer already there and boost everything back up.

Scent wise is a slightly mixed bag. Both soap and after shave is closer to TFGV compared to the other well known soap that is inspired by Grey Vetiver.

The difference is slight, that being Fine’s Fresh Vetiver is a “brighter” scent and that Fine’s Fresh Vetiver is just a tad ahead in scent strength.
That is not to say that you can’t smell TFGV in Grey’s Vetiver’s soap, it is just a little more muted if more truer, compared to Fine’s soap.

All in all, Wet The Face Grey’s Vetiver soap and After Shave gave a great shave, had a good scent and that’s all we really want in our shaving products.

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