Shave of the day, 25th May 2019 : Proraso Wood and Spice

Bowl : Vikings Blade Grand Chairman
Brush : Frank Shaving Silvertip Badger
Preshave, soap and post shave : Proraso Wood and Spice
Razor : The Razorine w/Derby Extra Blade

Scent profile as described by Proraso :
A woody fragrance vaunting balsamic and spiced nuances. Top notes open with cumin and saffron within a few minutes before evolving into cedar and sandalwood. The persistent base consists of vanilla and rockrose.

This is the best scent by Proraso so far and to be honest, you only get the barest of hints of cumin and saffron as with vanilla and rockrose, the spice profile on this soap is very muted but the woods, hooooo boy, the woods jump out at you and whack you over the head like a two by four, a Cedar with a strong Sandalwood backbone two by four.

The scent also is pretty long lasting, with only the soap and balm, it stayed with me for about 3-4 hours.
I have could only get the balm at the moment until I can ship in the Aftershave and Cologne but that is on the top of my list. Oddly enough, the balm works as an aftershave and it really soothes the skin (even though it’s supposed to be for the beard).

Proraso pro Wood and Spice made today’s shave one of the best I have had in a long time.

I was checking the Proraso site and it seems that they have discontinued the Preshave (the soap is after all very very slick) so you might not be able to find this anymore. I am thinking of buying up some more while I can. 😆

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