Shave of the day, 22st May 2019 : Alchemy, mini Razorock’s SLOC Razor review.

Bowl: Vikings Blade Grand Chairman
Brush : PAA’s Atomic Rocket
Soap : Razorock’s Alchemy
Post shave : Razorock’s Alchemy, Singapore Memories Paranakan Oud
Razor : Razorock SLOC

Alchemy scent is a blend of citrus, mint, vetiver and resinous woods, which exact woods though, I am not sure. But its bright, herbal and soothing. So I’ll pair it with a scent that is attributed to my people, the Peranakans (Though my GGGrandda was Portuguese).
Peranakan Oud’s scent profile is Oud, Tonka bean, Praline and Green Tobacco leaves, making the day’s shave a very soothing one.

The razor itself is a surprise.
Given its price at US$16.99 if you get it with the Bulldog handle (the one I got) or US$19.99 for the other handles (Bamboo, Radio Knob and Barber Pole), all handles are stainless steel.
The head itself is badass looking :

The blade exposure and angle of exposure as you an see is mild and given that this is an open comb razor will rate just a tad more aggressive giving you a really close shave.
It’s also a very easy razor to find your cutting angle and optimal blade contact against your skin.
With just two use, I was already dialed in, and getting glass smooth BBS shaves with minimal passes, even with Derby Extra blades which would normally take an extra or two clean up pass to clear my problem areas.

At this point, this razor easily rivals my Rockwell 6S in terms of efficiency and smoothness though I think the Rockwell is still beats this guy out in terms of not getting nicks. While I haven’t nicked myself yet, I can feel the blade more on this razor compared to the Rockwell so if I am not careful, nicks will be more than a possibility.

But so far, so good. No cuts, nicks and really smooth glass baby butt smooth finishes.
Can’t ask for more then that.

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