Shave of the day, Rockwell 2C Razor, Rockwell Barbershop Shaving soap and Pre-shave review

The soap is a hard puck, it comes in a tin but is loose so you can just pop it out and place it in a dish, cup or as I did with mine, melt it down and reset it into soap bowl.
You can of course, use it right out of the tin.

But if you do, I’d advice you to sit the tin in a bowl of hot water to melt down the soap so that it’ll form a form fitting puck in the tin.
That way when you lather up your brush, you only take off the top layer and not have water going into the tin around the sides.
Otherwise water and foam will collect in and around the sides on the inside of the tin.

Besides a being unsightly, having water and foam trapped in an around the sides is probably not good for the soap.

If you don’t have an old soap bowl, you can buy these bowls from Lazada / Qoo10 or Amazon, just make sure they can hold at least 120 gram / 4 ounce soaps.

The “Barbershop” scent is interesting, in fact when you open the box, it’s the first thing you’ll notice as the scent is mildly strong.
It does “fade off” though, once your nose gets used to it.
It’s like a candy store and an old school barber shop who gave shaves and a haircut in the “commander’s” chair combined together.
The scent is sweet, like liquorice with a little aniseed and some floral scent all rolled into one. I Don’t think I have ever gone to a barber shop smelling like that but it does smell good.

The Pre-Shave oil is of the thicker variety so a little goes a long way.
Squirt a single pump into your palm, then with your finger dab a little around areas you are going over and then massage and spread the oil around.

The scent stays with you after the shave. I still get a whiff of it after an hour or so after the shave and it kinds of fades after that. My guess is that if I had use a scented aftershave or used cologne, it’ll be masked.

Loading up the brush is easy.
You can choose to bloom the soap (have a thin layer of hot (not boiling) water on the soap if you have melted the puck into a bowl (only the top layer gets softened) let the water sit for a minute, then load your brush with soap and lather in a bowl or do a face lather.

Or if you are using it out of the tin, just stir your wet brush into the soap till your brush get loaded up with soap and foam and either smooth out in a bowl or just do a face lather.
Either way this soap lathers up very, very easy and gives you very thick, slick and rich lather.
Definitely ranks high on the good end.

Loaded up with a little too much soap, with very little water, about a teaspoon and a little more I got a full bowl of really thick and creamy lather

Going onto the face, the lather feels very rich and the scent very pleasant. It’s very slick, very creamy and at no time does your face feels like it’s drying out. Getting a “Santa” is ridiculously easy. More importantly, the lather feels soft and cushiony.

I bought the Gunmetal version and not the white chrome.
Have a thing for Gunmetal.

The key to how this shaver works is the baseplate, the one with the R1 -R6 stamped on it. When you buy the 2C, you get only 1 plate, that has R1 and R3.
This is how it works :

So Essentially, the one plate you get is the “Begginer’s or very gentle shave” plate and the “Normal mild shave” plate.
I’ll start with a feather Blade and the beginner’s R1 setting. It claims that its almost impossible to get cut, and with a feather, if you are going to get cut its definitely with this blade.
Here’s a comparison in blade gap and angle of attack (aggression) compared to my Parker 22R.

First the Parker

And the Rockwell

Parker again

And the Rockwell

The curvature like all good well designed razors follow the angle of the top plate and safety bar and as you can see, the parker has more “bite” compared to the Rockwell’s R1 setting, which is shallow, the blade will only lightly “kiss” your face.

So how did it shave?!
With the R1, it’s like you can’t feel the blade.
Make no mistake this Razor feels weighty, it’s heavier than many razors out there because it has that thick long handle with non-slip knurling and the weighty baseplate, so the weight of the head assembly alone puts more then enough pressure for a close shave. But with the R1 setting, the blade is just barely touching your skin and its gap is so narrow, the razor will just glide over your face like your skin is made of glass.

I did a complete 3 pass shave and there were times when I was wondering if I had the blade in contact to the skin at all. However, holding the razor at the usual 30° angle, just slide the razor as you would any other normal shave and it’ll take hair off without much issue.

Here’s the results.
The R1 setting might be a little too gentle for me. It will give you a close to BBS shave but, not quite.
But considering that I had zero cuts or nicks with a feather blade after 3 passes and a clean-up pass on problem areas where I usually get cuts and nicks, like right under the chin and neck area just under the chin, this is actually really good.

Stretching the skin you can see that there is still a little bit of stubble left but its close enough that when you run your fingers over, its almost smooth.
This is good enough if you are in a rush, or more importantly when you are just learning how to use a safety razor.

I’ll definitely recommend anyone who wants to pick up wet shaving to get this Razor as, unless you are a moron and shave by going along the blade length sideways, I am 99.99% sure you won’t get cut.

I’ll be shaving with the R3 setting in the morning. Should be fine, even with the Yandere Feather in it.

Update :
The R3 plate is closer to an both the Edwin Jagger DE89 or Merkur 34C, actually, probably closer to the Merkur. Its very mild, some might prefer to go higher with the R2 / R4 plate.

For me though, I think the R3 might be sweet spot. Gentle enough, and especially with feather, it’s more then enough to get the job done.
The results from the R3 is a true BBS shave with the Feather. Trouble spots cleared.
Alum / Witch Hazel application indicated a little razor burn but that was to be expected.

True BBS!

Will experiment with other blades to see how the characteristics of the shave change.

You can get this directly from the official site, getting only the razor, cost S$41.00 but, you’ll want to get the other stuff you’ll need like soap / brush along with the razor (brush is Muslim friendly Synthetic…no pig hair used). I am not sure if they still have free shipping though.

Delivery for me took almost 3 weeks from date of order and finally into my hands here in Singapore.
The downside is that DHL is tardy with its email updates, so you have literally no warning when your package is to actually arrive.
The “email to update” from DHL either doesn’t work or is late in actual updates, so while you know that your package might actually have reach local shores, you will no idea when they will actually send the package.

So as long as you have someone always at home this should not be an issue.
Otherwise you’ll miss delivery and you’ll have to pick it up at a drop off point.

The other advantage if you buy from the official site is that you can buy the kits, which usually throw in other items such as soap, brushes, extra blades … at a discount.
You’ll need to check out the kits to see if anything interest you.

If however shipping cost is an issue, or end point receiving of the item (you don’t have anyone at home to pick it up for you) is an issue, you can get the Rockwell Adjustable Razor from Amazon Prime Singapore.

However if you want immediate shipping (local stock), they only have the 6C model which is the more expensive model and the one with all 3 base plates (r1-r6) at S$71.00
Shipping is free and within the same day unless all delivery slots are taken. You also get to choose when you get your delivery, so you can plan to be home to collect it.

But Amazon Singapore only has this model available as “local stock”.
Consider buying this if you want a single razor that will take you from beginner to shaving off head hair or week old beards like a pro and forking over $70+ is not an issue.
My take is that its worth it.
If this is too pricey, you don’t have much options available unfortunately.

If you want the full range from Amazon, you will need the shaver from the International Shipping tab, which is from the US, delivery is free if you spend S60.00+ (just buy other stuff to pad if you need to), but you don’t get to choose time of delivery.

The bonus is that they can be cheaper sometimes, depending on exchange rate / offers and they have almost all of the items available minus the special offer kits that you find on the official site, at the time of posting this, the 6C is actually slightly cheaper from the International tab then from the local Singapore available stock.

The Brush is worth it at $20+/- so if you get the brush and 2C, you get free delivery.

Delivery takes 2-3 weeks from amazon.

I would suggest that if you are going to get from the item shipped from the US anyways, take a look at Rockwell’s site :
They do have special kits and of course stuff available that is not on Amazon.

Final thoughts :

Soap and Pre-shave are top notch. Smells great, mildly strong but fades off once your nose gets used to the scent or if you use aftershave / cologne with stronger scent projection.

I’d highly recommend The Rockwell Adjustable Razor (2c / 6c) over all others if you are a beginner, especially if you are a beginner.

The previous two kings for mild shaving / beginners were the Edwin Jagger DE89 and Merkur 34C, both are great razors, but because they are fixed to one aggressiveness setting, they had to compromise to allow for both being mild and still be able to handle several days growth. This means that the blade is set much more aggressively and thus they can still cut your face if handled poorly as a beginner.
The R1 setting on the Rockwell. I really cannot see how you’ll cut yourself unless you purposefully go out of your way to do so.

Whether you are an intermediate or advanced Shaver, consider getting the 6C or if you really want a Razor that will last you a lifetime, the 6S (Yes! Got this on the way!) which is made of full Stainless Steel.


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